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Good Vic Will Imprison You // White Boy Wasted Comes to Ghent, Courtesy of Ouni

Good Vic Will Imprison You // White Boy Wasted Comes to Ghent, Courtesy of Ouni

(Image : Ouni by Boy Kortekaas. Styling & Neck Face by KNOTORYUS)

I don't know if you heard any of Married To The Mob founder Leah Mc Sweeney's "Bitchisms" or bought one of their t-shirts.

But "Good Dick Will Imprison You" is one of them. She even wrote a whole essay on that one if your interested. I love a good female point of view.

Speaking of which : I still mourn the loss of Tabatha McGurr's bad b*tch alert posts on the MOB blog. She had this great "whenever the fuck I feel like it" item called DILLZ. It basically just featured pictures of hot guys. I never knew why it was called DILLZ, but I suspect it's a tribute to Jason Dill/and or something to do with a pickle.

See, if I had a recurrent item like that on here (I am aware of the fact that typing this will probably get me into trouble. Not giving My Rock back, tho), I would probably name it "YOUR WEEKLY VIC".

I am just looking out for my single girls and gays!

And also because : I MEAN.

Vic & Vincent.

This Saturday, October 26th, my girl Ouni (see first image) is hosting Vic Crezée's recurring evening "White Boy Wasted" in Gent.

Dudes should be there, because I'm telling you : Ouni's parties are the best damn parties and attract that fyne fine.

And I should add that VC is a dope dope DJ. (check our posts on our lil sister blog Ü here)

I also want to high five (& apologize to) Vic's wife, should he have one.


More info HERE

Vic Crezée's images : not at all creepily stolen from his facebook page.

Some of them are by the excellent Dennis Branko.

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Moodboard: Black and White

Video: Atoms for Peace 'Before Your Eyes'

Video: Atoms for Peace 'Before Your Eyes'