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EYECANDY SMÖRGASBORD feat. Tavi, Dover Street Market Extra Small, Fraggle Rock, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Health, JP Gaultier, Comanechi, etc.

EYECANDY SMÖRGASBORD feat. Tavi, Dover Street Market Extra Small, Fraggle Rock, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Health, JP Gaultier, Comanechi, etc.

[youtube nk6SnTFSJyk nolink] Stop working and start your weekend now.

[youtube KP-nVpOLW88 nolink]

This is Beck & Charlotte Gainsbourg with 'Heaven Can Wait'

Quote Pitchfork:

"It's a Dada brainfuck directed by Keith Schofield that features a dinosaur in a wig (in a bathtub), a giant rat getting held up at knife point, a dude in a SpongeBob costume getting tackled by the fuzz, an astronaut with pancakes for a head, a guy racing a flying axe, a dude chilling on the street with a giant walnut, and one more guy with half a beard."



Dover Street Market Xtra Small pop-up store, open for a limited amount of time. I like the use of cardboard photographs to simulate the 'real' shop.

DSM xs, Reload@St Martins Lane, 45 St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2N 4HX until January 8 2010.

Fun, but not as fun as this:


Oh yeah.

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It's weird how some things go. When I wrote this post back in June, Akiko Matsuura was in a few up-and-coming bands; but by no means a global website traffic melter. Then her band 'The Big Pink' started getting more and more attention. And last week, her Comanechi album dropped in Asia. Now Google Analytics tells me I'm being swamped on a daily basis by cartloads of Akiko fans.

You are all very welcome.

Dazed Digital premiered the new Comanechi video: "Mesmerising Fingers'.  You can watch it right HERE. Or you can visit Akiko's (Keex's) blog, of course.

Look: here she is, bathing in Chupa Chups Cherry Bath Foam.



You know who else would love a bright red Chupa Chups bath?

Jean Paul Gaultier.


This is his collaboration with Dr. Martens. Very outré.



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Neckface Documentary Trailer


The reason I love this pic right here, is because of Tavi's smile.

If you haven't heard about Tavi yet: that glowing munchkin on the left is a 13 year old girl who has more fashion sense and humour and back catalogue references than any stylist I've ever met (except D, natch). Her blog has made her the darling of the designers, landed her a gig as fashion blogger at Pop Magazine and, most impressive of all: alerted the national media to the perils of young bloggers. Nice work.

Go visit her site.

She writes things like:

"The person that sits next to me in writing (class-ed.) asked for a Japanese name and made me assure that Yohji Yamamoto wasn't an existing person and that I had made it up. So now there's a story about Yohji Yamamoto being a ninja that beats up accountants. I always knew it was his destiny!"

And poses in outfits like these:


[youtube EWZxThGh5wQ nolink]

HEALTH - Die Slow

Health are fast becoming my favourite new band.

That is all.


Married To The Mob x Lacoste Sneaker

Married To The Mob x Lacoste Sneaker