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Speaking of which, you've always said you don't use computers or the Internet. Is that really still the case in 2009?

Eminem: I don't even know how to turn a computer on and it's probably better that way. I look at stuff, but as far as actually sitting there and knowing how to work it and knowing what sites to go on....

So you're saying you still buy porn on DVD, then?

Eminem: Um... PR: There's a lot of free porn on the Internet, I think, is what Noah's trying to tell you. Eminem: Oh, is there? Maybe I should go on the Internet.

OK, so before you got ruined by streaming porn, what was your daily routine like?


I'm usually in the studio five days a week. Get up, run in the mornings. I run anywhere from two to five miles. There was a point in time—this is how I know I'm an addict—when I was running literally 17 miles a day.


Eminem: Sometimes 19. I would run eight and a half in the morning and then in the second part of the day I'd go home at night and do another eight and a half. I literally felt like I was addicted to running, like I was trapped in prison because it was like, "Ah, fuck, I gotta run again." I got into calorie counting so bad that when they told me that I was going to be in the woods with my shirt off [for the "3 a.m." video], I was like, "Fuck."

What snapped you out of that?

Eminem: I saw an episode of Obsessed on A&E where this dude would get up in the morning and go to the gym, and then again at lunch, and then again after work. But then on his way home he'd pass by another gym, and he'd have to go in that gym and do like 15 reps of everything, too! He couldn't pass by a gym without stopping in it. I saw that and was like, "I really got a fucking problem—I'm this guy." There was a point in time when I had to burn 1,000 calories; if I didn't burn 1,000 calories my day wasn't complete. But now it's like I can burn 275 calories and jump off the treadmill, or I can burn 550, and I'm OK with it. Have you seen The Machinist?

Yeah, why?

Eminem: For the "3 a.m." video, I was thinking they could make my spine look real crazy like in that movie. I started getting real skinny so my veins would pop out and I was trying to get that look, but it just didn't work. My body won't really let me get that low. I was running 17, 18 miles a day and it was like, "OK, this is not going to happen." But I still got pretty skinny, so after the "3 a.m." video I threw a pizza party at the studio and ate a bunch of fucking pizza. [Long pause.] Then I went and purged. [Laughs.] No, I'm kidding.

50 Cent talked about how you blew out your knee playing basketball with him. Do you still play?

Eminem: Yeah, I still play a lot.

Who do you compare your game to?

Eminem: Ummm...I would say a cross between LeBron and Jordan, basically. Maybe just a little bit higher level than those two, though. [Laughs.] PR: His nickname on the court is Sweetness. Eminem: Yeah, that's actually what they call me. You can call me Sweetness for the rest of this interview, actually.

[Laughs.] As long as we don't have to make eye contact when I say it, Sweetness. So you ball with 50 and Kanye West plays with Jonah Hill. Who'd win if you and 50 played two-on-two against them?

Eminem: That'd be very interesting. But I've never seen Kanye or Jonah Hill play.

Me neither, but Jonah says he's all hustle, and Kanye says his game is better than people would expect, that he plays for highlights.

Eminem: 50 is better than you would expect too, though. OK, you know what, I think we could get them. I'm just saying, I'm just putting it out there. [Laughs.]

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