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EYECANDY SMÖRGASBORD: wha? huh? special feat. Jeff & Lindsay & Terry & Katie & Soft Pack & Rihanna & Viktor & Rolf

EYECANDY SMÖRGASBORD: wha? huh? special feat. Jeff & Lindsay & Terry & Katie & Soft Pack & Rihanna & Viktor & Rolf

warhol_art_car This is a 1979 BMW 'art car' painted by Andy Warhol.

You know who's going to do the 2010 version? (Duhu, it's like.. the first name in the header..)

Yes, our boy Jeff Koons will do the honours. I'm pretty excited about seeing it. This guy at wired think Koons is going to ruin the whole thing. Wha?


Katie Perry posted this pic on her Twitter with the tag: "Me and my hoodrat." Huh?

Anyway, nice to see the Viktor & Rolf dresses making it to the red carpet stylists.

[vimeo 9233780 nolink]

More middle finger fashion action: Lindsay Lohan is on the next Purple Magazine cover, shot by everybody's favourite dirty uncle: uncle Terry.

Kindsay Lohan Purple Cover


Oh, so what level are you on again in DJ Hero? Right. Impressive.  By the way, have you seen my new decks, yet? *Relishes stunned moment of silence, shame and awe*


You've seen these all over. The Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace: waste bags by Marc Jacobs, retailing at almost 2.000 dollars.Wha?

Don't worry: there's a bag inside the plastic.

Let's end with some music:

A few months ago, someone asked me for three names to watch out for in 2010, so I said: 'Gold Panda', 'Joy Orbinson' and 'The Soft Pack'. I don't think I post enough new music in these Eyecandy posts anymore, so I'mma start things up again with that list:

[vimeo 7747967 nolink]

I heard someone describe Gold Panda as 'the Japanese Aphex Twin' on the radio yesterday and I was like: 'Whaaaaa?' Gold Panda is on the radio now? *Nods  approvingly*

Next: The Soft pack.

[youtube KST1BsyXH1s nolink]

The Soft Pack is...

and I'm quoting here:

"... the soundtrack to a never aired 90’s-version of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The Soft Pack sounds like a random page from the Bret Easton Ellis archives. This is the sound of Natas Kaupas tearing up the curb. This is the sound of asphalt cracking under the relentless Californian sun and the salt of the Atlantic ocean."

Well spoken, Monobrow.

Last one:

Joy Orbinson.

[youtube 4s76wrpsFZg nolink]

Garage is coming back. Dust off your Wookie album and get to steppin'.

Ok ok, one more that hasn't been hyped to the gills yet.

[vimeo 5609812 nolink]

Baltimore is more than club music. Meet Double Dagger. Punk 2010: balding dudes with glasses will drag you onstage and destroy your cool with a long hug and a smack in the head. Then they will kick not one, but numerous drums into the crowd. Fun!