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1. Don't stop believing 11.jpg

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2. Watch Less Mediocre TV (really bad TV is ok..)

[youtube NY9epLaXpXY nolink]

Song along with Jack:

I’m Jack Bauer Always in danger I’m Jack Bauer I never die I’m Jack Bauer I get pissed easily I’m Jack Bauer I’m actually a crybaby…

I’m Jack Bauer To the guys who don’t confess I’m Jack Bauer I yell at them from really close

I’m Jack Bauer 24th is 24’s day I’m Jack Bauer Let’s go to a rental video place

Song 2:

I’m Jack Bauer I don’t take orders from anyone I’m Jack Bauer And I drag everyone along I’m Jack Bauer I’m good with dealing with danger I’m Jack Bauer Weak for my daughter

I’m Jack Bauer I’m an immortal man I’m Jack Bauer Sometimes I pass out I’m Jack Bauer My phone bill is crazy I’m Jack Bauer But my job pays for it

3. Sing Out Loud


(pic: The Grumpies)

From "The Man On The Stairs" by Miranda July:

"My oldest friend, Marilyn, loves to sing and is head of enrollment at a prestigious music school. It's a good job but not as good as opening your mouth and singing. La."

That quote is one of my favourites from last year. It's not about singing, really (as you might have guessed). It's more about not compromising for something that's within the general area of your first goal.

4. Read Poetry

[youtube hRc6mHS9PjE nolink]

I'm terrible at quoting poetry. Still, it's by far the best use of language imaginable.

5. Get More Excercise

[youtube Bch9sGs2f-E nolink]

Everyone has that one on his/her list. Except Marc Jacobs, maybe.

6. Make pancakes for loved ones

plamondcrepes.jpg Not loving the smell of pancakes is a pretty good indicator of pure evil.

7. Learn New Words

Bahookie: noun; a person's buttocks (Oxford Dictionary)

Statistically speaking, the chances of you saying something profound on a daily basis are pretty slim. By learning new words, you could be talking about butts and still surprise people around you.

8. Be silly


It's hard to be a really interesting person, or a good friend. If nothing else, being silly will help you out on both accounts. Try unblocking yourself by putting things on your face or head that shouldn't be there, or maybe by buying a cat and telling everyone its name is 'Shoulda Bought A Monkey".


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