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Walter Van Beirendonck Taps KNOTORYUS for the Very First Independent Antwerp Fashion Academy Magazine

Walter Van Beirendonck Taps KNOTORYUS for the Very First Independent Antwerp Fashion Academy Magazine

Another reason to never stop believing, dear friends.

A couple of months ago, I received a mail from the grand Walter Van Beirendonck, saying: "Hello Dominique, I heard through the grapevine that you would like to write for us. I think that's fantastic!"

I don't know about you, but my heart literally stops whenever I see the name WALTER popping up on the right side of my laptop screen or all over the width of my phone. I've said this before, but he's the ultimate and has literally always been in the back of my mind in some type of 'WhatWouldtheWdo'-way since my teens. Plus, his designs give me life & strength and help me remember to always do me and keep a sense of humour because THE FUTURE, Dominique! THE. FUTURE.

So, you can imagine sitting in actual work meetings with him and being able to bring my own unique talent to the table is so beyond it's not even funny.

Not only that, but said table was also surrounded by all those other icons of Belgian fashion who are all thoroughly respected around the world in their own rights, like the empress of high end make-up and inventor of all the relevant looks (who has your boy Demna been calling, you think?) Inge Grognard, Dirk Van Saene and first tier photographers Ronald Stoops, Pierre Debusschere and Bruna Kazinoti, who all contributed to exclusive shoots.

Peace & Love - UNIQLO unites photographer Bruna Kazinoti with the Fashion Department's students and their accessories

Master Class - Presenting the Master students' graduate collections by Ronald Stoops

The Future Is Now – A selection of some of the Fashion Department's most promising BA students by Pierre Debusschere

The god of graphic design Paul Boudens joined and no other magazine has ever looked this good but you have to get it to fully enjoy all of the font wizardry he displays omg.

So without further ado: I proudly announce the launch of MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL, the VERY FIRST INDEPENDENT magazine published by the Antwerp Fashion Academy with Words & Interviews by Dominique Nzeyimana at KNOTORYUS.

This is happening :

After a while and tons of great quotes, I said: "Dirk, I have to wrap this up and let you get back to your day, although I could talk for three more hours." And he laughed, but I thought: "He thinks I'm kidding, I'm not kidding."

DVS is the most. This went down:

I also had an amazing exchange with the artist and Punk Icon Linder Sterling whose insights about art and life are so inspiring.

From the official press release:

At the end of every school year, the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - AP Univeristy College shoots off new talent into the world to help shape the future of fashion. This year, SHOW2016, the traditional graduation show, is accompanied by the release of the Academy's very first independent publication, called 'MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL'. With Academy Director Walter Van Beirendonck at the helm of a team of Belgian fashion icons as contributors, this beautiful 176 page magazine and soon-to-be sold-out collector's item, is an event in itself.

Alongside talks with all 2016 Master students, you'll find exclusive fashion editorials shot by Ronald Stoops, Pierre Debusschere and Bruna Kazinoti. In a series of singular, deep-delving and inspiring interviews, designer, teacher and Antwerp Six member Dirk Van Saene, punk icon Linder Sterling and internationally renowned antiquarian and curator Axel Vervoordt open up about process, growth, the importance of scalpels, boredom and the fearless exploration of the self. For the very first time, Walter Van Beirendonck and Tony Delcampe of Brussels fashion academy La Cambre sit down together to join forces and make a clear statement against the divisive forces of our time.  

This magazine is a collector's item for sure and I promise you: if you love fashion, the arts and a good conversation, you'll get so much out of reading and looking at MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL. It's 176 pages (!) and only 15 euros.

Beyond proud. Beyond excited.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the ultimate connect David Flamée.

See y'all at SHOW2016 either tonight or tomorrow. Bring your coin!

MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL €15, 176p, available at SHOW2016, Copyright Bookshop Antwerp and carefully selected stores worldwide. Head of Fashion Department and Editor-in-chief: Walter Van Beirendonck Art direction & Graphic design: Paul Boudens, Chris Gilis, Livin Mentens Co-ordination: Maureen De Clercq Words & interviews: Dominique Nzeyimana at KNOTORYUS Contributors: Immi Abraham, Dirk Alexander, Elisabeth Clauss, Rebecca Cuglietta, Pierre Daras, Pierre Debusschere, Inge Grognard, Jorre Janssens, Sander, Bruna Kazinoti, Stefaan Pauwels, Ronald Stoops, Dirk Van Saene Models: Victor Dumont @ tiad, Aaron Lesta @ amck models, Amandine Renard @ be models, Eline @ ulla models The masters: Jennifer Dols, Charlotte De Geyter Pittoors, Shone Piupia, Emmanuel A. Ryngaert, Jannike Sommar & Timo Zündorf More info www.antwerp-fashion.be

Sup, though? *grins*

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