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A Holiday message from Team KNOTORYUS

A Holiday message from Team KNOTORYUS

Time for the traditional KNOTORYUS holiday kick-off with a look back at the year that was.



Favourite 2017 quotes/lyrics:

"There are worse things than hurt feelings"  

(Mike Skinner, just now as a matter of fact.)

 "Never seen a ceiling/In my whole life"

(Blue Ivy Carter on her dad's 'We Family')

Did you do what you promised yourself last year?

I'm here and at it, so that's something to clap for. (Same goes for you!) The kid got into her preferred school, so check. We bought a beautiful family home and I am beyond grateful. Our new website launched and it propelled us to a new level. Treasured work relationships got deepened and great new brands joined the KNOTORYUS ranks. But, I don't see my friends or big brother enough, that's still a thing that needs work.

2017 Highlights?

The new KNOTORYUS.com. All of it.

The interviews/talks. All of them.

My words are in an art book! (Thank you everyone involved.)

Every meeting, conversation and outcome with Walter.

Our supreme clientele. The lot.

Best live shows of 2017?

Solange Knowles, Mykki Blanco, Arca and Zwangere Guy with our kid on backings.

What did you learn this year?

To listen better, so I heard more.

Connection + compassion + community over everything.

Any wishes for 2018?

More people telling me their story. 

Less global fuckshit would be grand.

Short term plans?

Celebrating life and family.

Going back to my old dance class. The new one didn't work out so now she got regrets.

Being extra at the 'Black Panther' premiere. 

Long term plans? 

Got some pretty special projects with my heroes lined up.

Use the KNOTORYUS force for good.

Get a multidisciplinary workspace in the centre of Brussels.

See the 4:44 Tour.

Current Top 6

Big Ghost, JAY-Z, Walter Van Beirendonck, Dalilla Hermans, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Pamela Adlon 



2017 Highlights?

These 17 characters: WWW.KNOTORYUS.COM. So proud & joyous to have been there from jump for this new era! It was also a total treat to be a part of the Antwerp Fashion Department’s “MA-STERING” magazine once more. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to talk to so many fascinating artists & heroes this year, the projects brought to successful fruition & the growth on a personal level. Oh, and I finally explored the pyramids of Egypt, y’all!

Current Top 5?

Genieve Figgis, Sufjan Stevens, snow, Guerlain Lip Hero, Rihanna the mogul

Favourite lyric?

"Forget to call your mama on the weekend
You should put yourself in time out
sh-sh-shame on you"

- SZA  (Prom)

What did you learn this year?

Always start from the inside out.

Any wishes for 2018?

To always be able to represent and shine a light on those who deserve it most.  

Short term plans?

To wind down and soak in the holiday glow like never before (obviously), to go on lots of walks (maybe), to read that stack of books (very likely), to hang up those picture frames (make it so, universe). Also: Black Panther is around the corner, halelu!

Long term plans? 

Showing 2018 what’s good with the team.

Finding nuggets of joy in small things.

Learning a new skill (preferably how to beat a face).

Favourite quote of 2017?

"Left my lip balm at home night semi ruined"

- Cakes Da Killa (because ME)



2017 Highlights?

On a professional tip: KNOTORYUS redux and the incredible talent of everyone involved. On a personal level: Walking through Berlin with my wife and daughter one soft summer morning.

Current Top 5?

Frankie Boyle on Russell Brand’s podcast, ‘Crom’ by The Cavalera Conspiracy, Ljoedmila Petroesjevskaja, ‘Well Done’ by IDLES, Goldie on Instagram.

Favourite lyric?

“You can tell by the stench in the air/ Blood’s on the ground/Opportunity is here.”

-Run the Jewels

Favourite quote of 2017?

“True happiness is independent of our inner feelings. (…) True happiness is knowing who or what you really are. (…) The main question is whether people know the truth about themselves.”

-Yuval Noah Harari

 What did you learn this year?

Aliens might be real? For us humans, in the meantime, privilege and indifference are still really painful to give up. (I am no exception in this.) For myself specifically, I spent more time this year learning to watch the storm. (Or more precisely: the shitnado that was 2017 for a large part of the world.)   

 Any wishes for 2018?

Friendly, forgiving aliens. But I’ll start with hanging out with my favourite humans.

 Short-term plans?

Havin’ a laugh. Havin’ some cake. Getting the long-term plans more into focus.

Long-term plans?

As George Saunders said, ‘erring more on the side of kindness’.

(Images by Alex Salinas)

Kendrick Lamar - LOVE ft. Zacari

Kendrick Lamar - LOVE ft. Zacari

SZA - The Weekend (directed by Solange Knowles)

SZA - The Weekend (directed by Solange Knowles)