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Amenra - Children Of The Eye

Amenra - Children Of The Eye

Belgian doom and sludge phenom Amenra just stunned everyone by releasing the incredible video for the equally amazing first single "Children Of The Eye". 

The track precedes the upcoming Amenra album 'Mass VI', out October 20.

Directed by: Wim Reygaert

DOP: Maximiliaan Dierickx

Sculptures: Isabelle De Vos

Art Direction: Najib De Brackenier

Styling: Isabelle De Vos

Edit: Wim Reygaert

Colour grading: Maximiliaan Dierickx

Photography by Stephan Vanfleteren.
Layout by We Became Aware.

Mass VI Tracklist:

1. Children Of The Eye
2. Edelkroone
3. Plus Près De Toi (Closer To You)
4. Spijt
5. A Solitary Reign

Amenra Tour Dates:

September 30  Kristiansand, NOR
October 8  Brighton, Mammothfest, UK
October 31  Brussels, BE (Record Release Show - Sold Out)
November 7 Leipzig, DE @ Werk2
November 8 Vienna, AU @ Scene
December 1 Izegem, BE @ De Leest (acoustic)


No one ever will leave me behind / I cast no shadow, light is too profound / I am the way, all stars align a new reign. / Uncrowned with wounds adorned, we stand in line river of blood / leads to the shrine hand in hand, side by side we look our gods dead in the eye shaved for burial. / Soul lost inside anoint my skin, nothing to hide. / I take the first step in the funeral pyre / a truth fire upon me reside in me. / I am the cold the barren tree / reside in me / I am the fire no one can oversee / not unto me / truth fire / one tear at a time, you are a threat to mine / flood trenches / dredge remnants / of my past / wash away / my longing / for me / to be the last / come rain, wash us all away / here come / the first wave, nothing will remain / forever more / no more

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