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The Most Podcast - Episode 1: Lefto visits the loft

The Most Podcast - Episode 1:  Lefto visits the loft

For the inaugural episode of KNOTORYUS’ new podcast The Most, Host Dominique Nzeyimana talks to Lefto, who’s not just one of the best DJs in the world, he’s also a record label owner, radio host, a music curator for festivals, a doc maker and a lot of other things.

Lefto (which is sort-of-French for 'Rise Early') shares stories about growing up in Molenbeek, going from being the local record store mascot and plugging records to celebrating 20 years in the entertainment business and sharing stages and venues with A-list celebrities. The Most creator & host Dominique Nzeyimana and Lefto almost get into it judging each other’s outfits, Lefto explains his love for Japanese fashion, why couch surfing is better than staying in hotels & the one thing that will always keep him focused.

Why kick off the Series with Lefto? As Dominique shares: “Lefto used to be my next door neighbour here in Brussels. But of course, I knew of him and his international acclaim way before that. He DJ’d on one of my MTV-shows more than a decade ago, but we both kind of don’t remember. Anyway, even though we haven’t hung out that much, I consider Lefto my friend. Whenever we talk, it always feels very real. We always immediately discuss family and work, not really mincing words or caring how it makes us look. Lefto is super direct and honest. There’s not a big filter there and I love that about him, because it clearly comes from a good place. And I love what he has done for DJ’ing and music in general. On October 13, he will be celebrating his 20 years as a radio DJ with a big party at AB in Brussels. I will see you all there, but first, please go listen to our talk.”

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More Lefto here. Get your tickets for ‘AB40 Curated by Lefto’ October 13, 2019, right here.

Lefto is taking over radio station StuBru October 6, 2019 from 10pm until 4am CET. More info here.

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Dominique Nzeyimana of KNOTORYUS Launches 'The Most' Podcast

Dominique Nzeyimana of KNOTORYUS Launches 'The Most' Podcast