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Do Better : HYPEPEACE Launches Augmented Reality T-Shirt & App

Do Better :  HYPEPEACE Launches Augmented Reality T-Shirt & App

London-based conscious streetwear brand HYPEPEACE has released an augmented reality T-shirt in collaboration with Dubai brand La Come Di. The collaboration titled ‘404 Freedom Not Found.exe’ refers to La Come Di’s founder Feras, who is a Palestinian refugee. 


Since 2016 HYPEPEACE has been supporting specific causes by raising awareness and funds, continuously donating part of its proceeds to an important cause.

For this release, the brand collaborated with La Come Di founder Feras who is responsible for the ‘404 Freedom Not Found.exe’ graphic. Feras is a Palestinian refugee living outside of Palestine -as so many others like him- without an official identity.

Feras’ story as told to HYPEPEACE:

“I was born in Saudi Arabia and so was my father. My grandfather was forced out of his home in Safad, Palestine back in 1948. He lived the remaining years of his life in Saudi hoping to go back to his home, but his dream never came true. Since I was born a refugee, I always lived without an identity. I was issued a travel document for Palestinian refugees, but very few countries understand what it means. When I left Saudi at 17 to do my undergraduate studies, Saudi’s door were shut behind my back with no hope to return. I currently live in Dubai, but I’m reminded that I’m not welcome here either every time I have to go through background checks that last for months just so I can start a company or get a residency visa. There is no sense of security as I can get deported any day. “

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Coinciding with the shirt, HYPEACE launched their application which can be downloaded in the Apple App Store to experience the Augmented Reality feature.

You can get the 404 : HYPEPEACE X La Come Di shirt here.

30% of proceeds will be donated to Sharek Youth Forum, which amplifies the voices of Palestinian youth and focuses on the development of young people into engaged, employable, and active citizens.

For more info on HYPEPEACE read our interview.

Follow HYPEPEACE here and here

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