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Things to Be Here For: Happy International Women’s Day

Things to Be Here For: Happy International Women’s Day

Let’s celebrate being us by highlighting some of ours who represent.

Leah McSweeney, founder of  Married To The MOB, the OG streetwear brand for women, created this t-shirt of which 100% of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood.

McSweeney: “At MTTM we believe a woman’s body and choices regarding her health are personal not political.”

She also set up an IG-account completely dedicated to her period (nsfw, obviously). Personally, I cannot deal with anyone else’s blood, but if you are a braver Betty or Beyoncé, have at it.

I think Rihanna is the shit, so here are a couple of my favourite looks of the Fenty x Puma collection she showed in Paris a couple of days ago. 

Oh hey, Hanne Gaby Odiele, now is a good time to remind people that you are helping to break the taboo surrounding intersexuality

For more Fenty x Puma go here

Something to repeat again and again and again: feminism means nothing if it’s not intersectional, which means across race, sexuality, cultures and beliefs. Nike has actually been working towards being more inclusive to all sorts of athletes (I’m about to go to dance class in two hours, if you’re applying yourself and you’re breaking a sweat, you’re an athlete in my book.) They launched their plus size sportswear and yesterday they revealed the new performance hijab for Muslim female athletes. Sometimes it all just rings pretty late, but for now let’s just applaud the shift. The Nike Pro Hijab is set to release Spring 2018.

Chrissy Teigen is hot and hilarious and hella woke. But she also just bravely opened up about postpartum depression, something tons of women deal with. When I had my baby girl, it was complete and eternal love at first sight, but I also felt like I was taking on all of her emotions amplified by forty. Which made me feel exhausted and sad. For a couple of years. It’s different for everyone, but talk about it, my dear girlfriends, it gets better. It really really does.

And finally, I know that over here at KNOTORYUS we communicate in English, but the reason I’m writing about my friend Dalilla Hermans’ (whom I spoke of in my end-of-year list) first book that is about to be released (I’ll keep you posted) is that I’m 100% convinced that it will be published in English as soon as she’s done with her Belgian tour or whatever.  Her debut -man that sounds so chic!- is an autobiography and she will be telling her story as if she was talking to her kids about What It Feels Like For a Black Girl and a lot more I don’t know yet, but she’s an absolute don and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. 

Please tell me this picture is going to be the back cover, Dal.


James Baldwin Taschen release + "I Am Not Your Negro" premiere

James Baldwin Taschen release + "I Am Not Your Negro" premiere

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