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dEUS feat. Karen Drijer Andersson (THE KNIFE)

dEUS feat. Karen Drijer Andersson (THE KNIFE)

theknife_by_vincentskoglund.jpg There was a short period in 2007 when I was positively obsessed with The Knife.

Their live cd/DVD combo was, bar none, the release closest to my heart last year. (Yup, I'm moody bastard once you get underneath those curly locks.) And if it were still possible for me to develop a teenage popstar crush, my bedroom would be covered in posters of singer Karen Drijer Andersson and I'd be practicing how to pronounce Karen in Swedish in front of the bathroom mirror (Ko-ren, Ko-r'n, Ko-ren, Igmar Bergman-style, see?). Turns out Antwerp-based Belgian darlings dEUS love her, too. Their new single 'SLOW' with Ko-r'n (go ahead, sounds sexy!) is now up exclusively at 3voor12, as is 'Midnight Boom' by Kate Moss accessories 'The Kills', the amazing 'Dig Lazarus, Dig!' by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and the new Dirtbombs. See you in three hours, snitches!

Oh, and The Knife won 6 Swedish grammy awards and instead of accepting with a live speech, they sent in this:

[youtube h85aUeGORyQ nolink]

And when you ask them to play live on your innocent TV-show, this is what happens:

[youtube 2yH6OQ9YUJg nolink]

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