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sarahnjbusy.jpg When you type "Colette" in the search engine of our site, or you visit our old site (which I think, is still a very fun read!) , you'll get plenty of posts bigging up all the amazing things you can buy and be inspired by at this store. (e.g. the 'oui oui, colette makes me happy' post) . You know we love sharing all the fab stuff the world has to offer. Well almost all of the good stuff.. I've got a little confession to make..

For the past two years, we've been regularly visiting a particular wonderful blog. And we didn't share it with you. Its posters consist of a group of friends: Sarah, Nadège Winter, Delinlee Delovely aka Linlee Allen (she writes for Style.com as well), Busy P, Michael and Ju (we met him while he was still in charge of the Nike Studio in Paris, what a wonderful man).

It's called We Love Paris. All of them take turns posting which makes this blog one of the most interesting reads on the net.

Now that Sarah (buyer and Colette's Madame Make-It-Happen) put our pic on her site, we can't but link you to hers. Also for all you book freaks, make sure to check out her other blog on Arkitip.

Now about the whole lil' KNOTORYUS taking pics thing. It's not that we think it's cool that a 3 year old uses a digital camera that's not meant for kids. But we bought her one of those Kidizoom thingies for her birthday. Since she was taking all of the pictures on our family holidays. Normally this kid is happy with as much as one new crayon. But when we said: "Happy Birthday! It's a camera!" She said "thank you", but gave us a look that said "Call it what you want, but don't call it a camera."


She donated it to her SpongeBob thinking it looked like it would be something his friend Patrick would like and that was that. Back to the old Canon. So when we drag her off too all kinds of work related things, we let her do something she loves as well. This particular day, she wanted to take pictures of everybody. Thank you Sarah for posting this souvenir!


Want to know what an average day for Sarah is like? Read the guestblog she kept for The Moment during Paris Fashion Week.


Nadège & Sarah at Jeremy Scott's fabulous A/W 08-09 fashion show (Pic by Mark The Cobrasnake)

Our pics from the yard sale here

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