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NEW DAVID BOWIE 'WHERE ARE WE NOW' + full album 'the next day' on the way

NEW DAVID BOWIE 'WHERE ARE WE NOW' + full album 'the next day' on the way


You know what? This year is going to be different.

Stuff you've hoped for. Stuff that never happens. Stuff that matters. It's happening now.

Stuff you've hoped to be true. It was.

Lovers are staying together. Truths are being faced.

This is where we are now.

David Bowie is releasing a new album in March. It's called 'The next day' (that cheeky sod!) and it's produced by Tony Visconti. You can pre-order it on iTunes now.

'Where are we now' is the first single, mentions Berlin and it's open for endlessly detailed discussion, you guys.

Also: it's The Duke's birthday and this is what his wife tweeted:

'The next day' tracklisting

Regular Version 01. The Next Day 3:51 02. Dirty Boys 2:58 03. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) 3:56 04. Love Is Lost 3:57 05. Where Are We Now? 4:08 06. Valentine’s Day 3:01 07. If You Can See Me 3:16 08. I’d Rather Be High 3:53 09. Boss Of Me 4:09 10. Dancing Out In Space 3:24 11. How Does The Grass Grow 4:33 12. (You Will) Set The World On Fire 3:30 13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die 4:41 14. Heat 4:25

Deluxe Version 01 “The Next Day” (3:51) 02 “Dirty Boys” (2:58) 03 “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” (3:56) 04 “Love Is Lost” (3:57) 05 “Where Are We Now?” (4:08) 06 “Valentine’s Day” (3:01) 07 “If You Can See Me” (3:16) 08 “I’d Rather Be High” (3:53) 09 “Dancing Out In Space” (3:24) 11 “How Does The Grass Grow” (4:33) 12 “(You Will) Set The World On Fire” (3:30) 13 “You Feel So Lonely You Could Die” (4:41) 14 “Heat” (4:25)

Bonus tracks: 15 “So She” (2:31) 16 “I’ll Take You There” (2:44) 17 “Plan” (2:34)

EYECANDY SMÖRGASBORD feat. Adidas SLVR, Childish Gambino, The Soft Moon, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Frank Ocean feat. Outkast, Charli XCX and Sir-Mix-A-Lot