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Jefferson Hack : "Did You Give Olivier Zahm a Hard Time as Well, or Is It Just Me?"

Jefferson Hack : "Did You Give Olivier Zahm a Hard Time as Well, or Is It Just Me?"

I don't like watching regular TV. When I'm stressed out I like to watch reality greatness like "Ru Paul's Drag Race" (I cried for Vivacious and am now switching between Team Milk and Team Gia. Seriously, watch this show.) and when I'm looking to be inspired I watch interviews with people I respect on Conan, The Daily Show and SHOWstudio.

Nick Knight's crazy good digital hub has long been a KNOTORYUS favourite, but it is slowly but surely turning into my go-to channel. The last couple of weeks I've watched interviews with Matthew Williams from #BeenTrill and Donda, Olivier Zahm, Gareth Pugh and Jefferson Hack.

I was especially excited for the Jefferson Hack interview. He has been one of my (five) imaginary mentors for two decades. He's probably one of the biggest reasons why I do what I do. The KNOTORYUS office walls hold racks of neatly piled Dazed & Confused copies that LGF and I seperately collected over 20 years.

Lou Stoppard, editor and resident SHOWstudio interviewer did an amazing job. Asking all the good/hard questions, she got Jefferson going :

"Did you give Olivier Zahm a hard time as well or is it just me?"

Other JH favourites :

"I think there's a moment for a bit of a relook of Malcolm McClaren's influence on fashion."

“When my heart’s in it, I throw myself entirely. I don’t edit. I don’t give a fuck if I’m not good at it. I just get it done.”

"The academic aspect of some things is overrated and can be a block."

"All the people that give me a kick have done it themselves and don’t give a fuck about validation."

"Lee McQueen gave me a lot of confidence in times of doubt."

"It was a long bumpy-worry-about-money road. For at least 10 years.

“Would you ever do another magazine?” “Yeah. I wouldn’t call it AnOther, though.”

I laughed.

Okay, now I have a serious question with a big NO SHADE disclaimer :

Am I the only one who thinks Lena Dunham's character of Hannah's Book Editor in GIRLS named David Pressler-Goings is loosely based on JH?


Okay then.

But if Miss Kate Moss can end her first album review ever (which was glorious by the way - one night she danced with George Michael to "Everything She Wants" and HE DID ALL THE WHAM! MOVES) like this, so can I : I love you, Jefferson!

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