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KNOTORYUS Exclusive : Devon Halfnight Leflufy Launches E-Store, You Are Also All of His Friends

KNOTORYUS Exclusive : Devon Halfnight Leflufy Launches E-Store, You Are Also All of His Friends

(Campaign images by Alex Salinas)

After successfully selling his namesake brand in the world's most prestigious stores, Devon Halfnight LeFlufy decided to add a shop component to his already gorgeous and super fun website dhalfnight.com .

The store will feature one exclusive item at a time that will not be available anywhere else in the world and it will also come in extremely limited editions.

The first piece being this super dope microfibre long sleeve

 that is part of

the critically acclaimed SS15 "All Of My Friends" collection,

presented at New York Fashion Week in collaboration with Made at Milk Studios.



Besides the one about keeping 1 on the side for me to add to my growing Devon Halfnight LeFlufy collection, I had some questions for my favourite Antwerp Fashion Academy alumnus of the past 10 years, ex-Walter Van Beirendonck intern (as was Raf Simons, don't you


forget) and LVMH Prize 2015 shortlister.

KNOTORYUS : Why only one item at a time?

DEVON HALFNIGHT LEFLUFY : I see our 'online store' as a way to interact with the fans and not as a purely, commercial venture.  In the hopes of working towards this goal, we are making these super rare pieces a direct link between the Devon Halfnight LeFlufy team and the person who wears it.  As the brand grows I feel these intimate connections are important.

KNOTORYUS : How frequent will these exclusive launches be?

DEVON HALFNIGHT LEFLUFY : The launches will be sporadic and will also be linked to special projects that we have planned for the future, so it is important to keep checking back to see what is new in the store.  Our website is a constantly changing collaboration with friends, so the content is always being refreshed.

KNOTORYUS : What does Devon Halfnight LeFlufy stand for? 

Devon Halfnight LeFlufy the brand is based on a philosophy of creating new context and connections between visual and tactile cultural references, both of these can take many forms and have become the brand’s code of surprising but familiar combinations that invoke a sense of nostalgia and exploration.

KNOTORYUS : Famous last words? 

DEVON HALFNIGHT LEFLUFY : We are True Believers and Truth Seekers.


I love how I know that in you guys' case this is not cancelling each other out at all.

KNOTORYUS will always be a fan of and support artists who are challenging any industry's archaic and set ways of launching and distributing said artists' products and we hope you will too.

Now go have a look, buy and afterwards join me in a silent prayer that the next item released will be that "ALL OF MY FRIENDS" crew neck I am obsessed with.


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