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Eyecandy Smorgasbörd feat. Massive Attack, Blaze, IloveMakkonen, Young Fathers, Rosamund Pike, Chrystal Castles, Future, Sticky Baby, Nina Hagen

Eyecandy Smorgasbörd feat. Massive Attack, Blaze, IloveMakkonen, Young Fathers, Rosamund Pike, Chrystal Castles, Future, Sticky Baby, Nina Hagen

Mostly NSFW so stop scrolling now if you're not up for the evil possessions, dirty (sprite) emoji, juvenile swimming pool parties and/or pink eighties hair ahead.

Massive Attack, Young Fathers - Voodoo in my Blood

I love the new Massive Attack EP, which reunites them with Tricky (whose new, often brutally honesty LP is also a bit overlooked: good stuff). Now that the Internet is raving over their latest video feat. Rosamund Pike, I can't help but notice the similarities with the unofficial video for 'Plague' by Chrystal Castles a while back. Maybe it's just me. I like both videos anyway. See for yourself.


I missed Massive Attack when they were in Brussels last week, which was sad. But this picture of Matthias Schoenaerts and Robert Delnaja in Brussels, arching their brows into selfie-shape kind of cheered me up. I would love a Michaël R. Roskam movie soundtracked by Massive Attack, by the way. Who do I have to add to my LinkedIn network to make that happen?

Future drops his own emoji pack.

As you grow older, you start asking different questions in life. Like: "Who are you people talking to using a 'thumb in her butt' emoji?"

(via Hypetrak and Complex)

Blaze - Virile

We did the KNOTORYUS end-of-year party 2015 at a Bromance records show in Brussels. I danced too much to make sense at my age, but otherwise no casualties to be reported. This simple and touching 'Virile' video kinda reminds me of the vibes that night. Just hanging with people that feel you. If the universe would be a little more aligned with the forces for good, this track would be a bigger hit, though.

Fifty Foot Combo - 'The Descent'

I saw Fifty Foot combo in a tiny room when I was sixteen. They had a dude in a leather zipped-up mask playing the bongo drums and strippers in all-black underwear and cat masks eyeing down the Surfer Rockabilly core in the front row. I remember I didn't have a single drink that night because I didn't have enough money to buy the vinyl from the beefy merch guy and get hydrated at the same time. Priorities are important. It's been 12 years since these guys released anything and now there's a new record produced by Jim Diamond (see also: White Stripes) which was recorded in three days. Stoked.

Sticky Baby NYC

Crate digging in a bomber with pink lettering on your back and your hair tucked under your collar is a pretty specific look. But it works. You can buy the jackets and start practicing your own 'a little bit lost but still tough' silhouette stance right here.

ILOVEMAKONNEN - 'Where Your Girl At'

If the mark of successful music is 'it should piss off your parents' this is a pretty safe bet. I mean... I cannot defend anything about this track or video. Really, the refrain is basically a long, loud grunt. I wasn't even going to post it. But then I laughed so hard at 1:39 at the 'young man with man-bun getting ditched even though he got tickets to the theatre version of West Side story', I just caved. Consider the serotonin sprinkled, sir.

Nina Hagen - Ziggy Stardust

Speaking of a little bit lost but still tough girls: here's a clip of Nina Hagen on a Swedish show in 1980 doing a David Bowie cover. That growl at the beginning is everything. We still miss you, Dave.

Prada AW16 Womenswear Show

Prada AW16 Womenswear Show

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