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KNOTORYUS talks to The Lizzies

KNOTORYUS talks to The Lizzies

You've seen The Lizzies’ latest video ‘Only You’, you’re obsessed and now you want to know more. A natural reaction. As always, we've got you: KNOTORYUS caught up with the girls to find out what's good in music, style and part 2 of 2K16.

I know for a fact that neither of you are called Lizzie. What gives?

Louise: The band name was actually inspired by a Walter White movie called "The Warriors”. The main girls in the movie are in a band called "The Lizzies". It’s an old 70s cult film!

Sound-wise you’re switching it up with this new track, aren’t you?

Tauba: We’ve always listened to a lot of rap and hip hop, but it’s true that our previous releases were more electro. That’s not really where our hearts were at though, our first producer was just less into trap beats. So we found someone who is: Sanou San. I feel like music always needs to be done with sincerity.

Louise: We always wanted to have a more hip hop sound, so this is a natural evolution for us.

Tell us about the ‘Only You’ video, what was the creative process like?

Louise: We were really inspired by slow-mo and nightscapes.

Tauba: We had visuals by The Underachievers on our moodboard. We were also inspired by the colours and atmosphere used by Kali Uchis and DOJA CAT in their videos.

What’s the story behind the video?

Tauba: It’s sort of about ‘la haîne des mecs’. (laughs) Hating stupid guys! The girls in the video are in love but their lovers just don’t care.

Louise: … So they get even.

I like how the song is very subdued but the video is just all aggression.

Louise: It’s sweet and violent!

Is that a theme you’re going to explore further?

Louise: No, our next video will be different, lighter.

Tauba: We’re currently shooting the second video, before we put the EP online.

Who styled you guys?

Louise: Everything you see comes out of our own wardrobe, we don’t have a stylist. You can peep us in some Raf Simons, A Cut Above, Fila, Calvins, Adidas x Palace...

Tauba: We’ve always styled ourselves. We love fashion and like doing it, so we don’t mind at all. But we’d definitely be down for working with a creative stylist.


Who makes the Garce hat Tauba is wearing in the video?

Louise: Shay, a Brussels-based singer and rapper, designs them. Her musical style is quite different from ours though, a lot more aggressive, but we support her.

Tauba: She also works with some of our faves like Booba and Damso. One night we were dj'ing with her at Mirano and a guy just gave the hat to us. We liked it, and figured it went well with what we’re doing in the video.


What does ‘garce’ mean?

Louise: Bitch? (laughs) There’s not really a translation. It’s something you call a girl, though. But it’s not necessarily a bad word.

Any other designers or local fashion talents that the Lizzies rock with right now? Tauba: Vetements!

Louise: We like Doriane Van Overeem, she’s dressed Rihanna and Ciara.

Tauba: Also, you should check out NBMSM.

What can you tell us about the upcoming EP?

Tauba: We want to put out a lot of videos first, because we think the visuals are a crucial part of the band. When we release tracks and videos simultaneously, it just works better. Once people have seen more, we’ll put the EP out.


Louise: So there’s no release date yet, but we have the EP lined up with 5 very different tracks. You’ll get a little something sweet, something more future beat and some experimental stuff.

Any The Lizzies merch coming up?

Louise: We would love that, it’s not a priority at the moment but stay tuned.

Tauba: If the videos and music are well received, definitely, but first we need to grow a bit more.

Where can we catch a show soon?

Tauba: This summer we’re dj’ing at different festivals like WECANDANCE. We’re also working on new live sets.

What Belgian and international artists would you love to work with in the future?

Tauba: It would be dope to work with Myth Syzer, a producer from Paris. High Klassified from Montréal and Kaytranada are also on the list. Lil Uzi Vert and Ramriddlz would be great. And locally we love Bringhim and Hamza.

Louise: Abra, Tommy Genesis and Chynna would be amazing to work with too.

You got this. Anything else you’re excited for in 2k16?

Tauba: We’re jetting off to Canada soon!Louise: In October we’re moving to Montréal for one year. We’re really happy to go out there for a bit, just to make music.

Tauba: We want to collaborate with other artists, tour and go to the U.S., all of it. We want to develop and grow.

Louise: We’re excited.


Check out The Lizzies’ Facebook page for upcoming events and releases.

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