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You Are Suck - Mathieu from Toykyo Talks to KNOTORYUS About Parra Sculpture

You Are Suck - Mathieu from Toykyo Talks to KNOTORYUS About Parra Sculpture

(first pic by hypequest )

I had a nice chat with Mathieu about the sculpture, the price tag, the release, KNOTORYUS, the future and little girls.

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Hi Mathieu, you told us about this Parra collab at the beginning of August...

Yeah, we were just kickstarting it back then. Initially, the idea was to make a chair.

Did it go as smoothly as planned?

It took a lot longer than we thought! Converting Parra's 2-D drawing into 3-D was quite difficult. Benjamin my Toykyo productions partner sculpted the statue and did a very nice job!

What was your first Parra collaboration ever and how did it come about?

Our first Parra collaboration was the expo we did at the Toykyo store in December 2006. We just asked him and he said yes. The second collaboration was for the sticker pack!

Do you remember the first time  you saw Parra’s work?

I got to know him from the ROCKWELL T-shirts that my friend and partner in the shop Jean distributed in Belgium like 5 years ago,…

Where can we see the new Parra sculpture?

GALERIE THE LAZY DOG Parra’s solo show “BOO TO THE HOO” 2 passage Thiere - 75011 Paris - France T: +33(0)1 58309476

Will there be an official release in Belgium?


Are you going to tour with it?

If it’s not getting sold at the expo in Paris we would love to travel with it.

How many will be made?


What’s it gonna cost?

Ask Romuald at Lazy dog,…

Does it have a name?

Not yet, still have to ask Parra to name it!

The first promo pics were taken in Belgium weren’t they? How come you didn’t send them to us first? Is there another home country blog you like better, mmmh?

Yes the first pics where taken in Belgium in and around my house. Actually it was the same day when Parra came to get it for his expo in Paris. We didn’t had the time to enjoy it ourselves because  we just finished it the same day. We didn’t send pictures to any blog it just popped up after the opening night of the expo. Nalden.net got some previews from us.

There’s no other home country blog that we like better than KNOTORYUS. We’re just not so good at promoting ourselves...

What are your favourite Parra captions? 

Don’t thank me thank flipper

Gucci random dildo

You are suck

What’s your favourite Parra work?

Hmmmmm that’s a difficult one he did so much good stuff the last couple years. I still like what he is doing for his ROCKWELL brand and love most of the collaborations with other brands nike,vans,zooyork,patta,incase...

The headphones he did recently with “THE PERFECT UNISON” are pretty neat.

Tell us about Toykyo.

I started the shop in 2006 there I would liked to share the things that I loved and thought there wasn’t such a place in my hometown.  With Toykyo productions we started as a platform for artist we liked and tried to bring there art to a wider public.

Meanwhile, when we have spare time we make/collaborate on future artist projects. Keep checking our website www.toykyo.be for updates and to follow up what we do, 2009 will be fun.

The new website will online somewhere beginning of 2009 so check it out.

I immediately got the sticker pack (from your previous Parra collab) as you know. But I’m still reluctant to stick em on my wall, Mac or suitcases. And it’s not even that I want to sell ‘em. I just don’t want to use one, cause that’d feel like tearing a family apart. Some advice please! Frame them nicely and make your own Parra expo at home! You’re always welcome to ask me for some extra stickers to stick’em wherever you like!

Not a lot of people know, but you guys produced a banging launch for Jean Paul Gaultiers Madame in Paris.

THX! Toykyo productions started out as a platform for artists we liked and we try to bring their art to a wider public. The last year it became more serious and more commissioned work came our way (which is good to pay the bills ).

Who would you love to collab with in 2009?

Calma, Delta, Geoff McFetridge

Tell us about some new brands we should look forward to seeing at your shop:

I'm going to focus more on the books because the space at the shop is limited and it’s hard to give everything a nice spot. Maybe the toys section will create some space for newer gadgets and design objects I like. Keep checking for the Toykyo brand.

The KNOTORYUS F.E.A.R. book is being sold at Colette. But you were the first one to stock us and we’re really (grateful and) proud. What do you like about KNOTORYUS?

I think you guys have great taste and you're quick to pick up on all the good stuff.

So keep it up and keep supporting us.

Describe what you’re wearing today. If your are behind your desk wearing  all over locomotive printed PJ’s, then first tell us where you got ‘em from and why they are so comfy. Then tell us what you would be wearing working at the store. 

I’m wearing a P.A.M. crew neck sweat + Levis + Nike air trainers II and a RECON new era cap,…

You’re about to be a dad, aren't you? Give us your top 3 of cities you’d like to show the little one + why.

I became father on the 6th of December and the little girl is named Holly!

TOKYO : Because I just love the city and the people + food and all the stuff that’s happing over there. NY : to see our friends and feel the never ending creative vibe of the city that I like for a long time. BALI : for the sun,surf,relax and beautiful houses,…

More info : here

Thank you Mathieu, Jean and Benjamin.