All in mixtape


It's drop day! "Oolala, Mazeltov, what can I say?" Le1f takes the lead in New York club rap with his own particular brand of gusto and guffow-inducing lyrics on the follow-up to "Dark York": "Fly Zone". The beats are .. well ... fly ... and I love it that in 2013 I can download a solid hiphop mixtape of an MC that pronounces "soft" as "sowft" and hands me hooks like "get your bunz up" to compliment my hefty collection of "get your gunz up" tracks.

A week ago, as I arrived in an empty office and put on my headphones, three swallows dipped past my window. They weren't the first I had seen this year, but as the room was empty and the music on my headphones seemed to fit their flight, I imagined they were there for me. They were carrying a message. A change in the air. I sat still for a moment and watched them.

Clams Casino is probably on of the hottest producer of the moment, launching A$SAP ROCKY into the hip hop stratosphere and saving Lana Del Rey from the brink of hipster oblivion in less than a year. His instrumental mixtapes are still essential downloads (stream his mastered tape after the jump), and now there's a smooth 25-minute mix of his own classics and some unreleased gems to add to the legacy. Originally delivered to the doorstep of Benj B's BBC 1 radio show, now ready for your ripping pleasure.