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A week ago, as I arrived in an empty office and put on my headphones, three swallows dipped past my window. They weren't the first I had seen this year, but as the room was empty and the music on my headphones seemed to fit their flight, I imagined they were there for me. They were carrying a message. A change in the air. I sat still for a moment and watched them. I have become too impatient to wait for signs to appear outside window panes, so I turned on my phone. There was one new message waiting. One of my best friends just had a baby boy. I called him and he told me after the baby was born that night, the first song they played on the radio was by The Beastie Boys. "I don't know, but that seemed like a good sign." he said. I agreed, hung up the phone, put my headphones back on, watched the swallows some more and felt happy. Summer's coming. And it's going to be good.

Here's the music on my headphones that day:

The XlR8R podcast by Anenon. Go find yourself a window and look for clues.


Image above (c) Jean Jullien


01 John Cage and Merce Cunningham "In Conversation (Spring 1981, Minneapolis, Minnesota)"

02 Anenon "Tenor Saxophone Improvisation (Live at Home Room, 4/5/12)" 03 Mirroring "Silent From Above" (Kranky) 04 ROM-DOS "You Are at the Center of The Mandala" (Non Projects) 05 Sapphire Slows "Animal Dreams" (Not Not Fun) 06 Phoebe Kiddo "Fear of U_Men" (Non Projects) 07 Anenon "This is What I Meant (Laurel Halo Orfi Mix)" (Non Projects/Ad Hoc) 08 Gold and Soil "Everything Anything Nothing" (Non Projects) 09 Yosi Horikawa feat. Jesse Boykins III, Grayson Gilmour, Anenon "Whisper from an Angel" 10 Nils Frahm "Ambre" (Erased Tapes) 11 Jenny Hval "Blood Flight" (Rune Grammofon) 12 Eric Dolphy "Hat and Beard" (Blue Note) 13 Arve Henriksen "Opening Image" (Rune Grammofon) 14 Rafael Anton Irisarri "Moments Descend on My Windowpane" (Ghostly) 15 Keith Jarrett "Eyes of the Heart Pt. 1" (ECM) 16 The Caretaker "Past Life Regression" (History Always Favours the Winners) 17 Brian Allen Simon "Piano Improvisation (Matadero Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 11/21/11)"


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