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Three mixes to be thankful for

Three mixes to be thankful for

For your audio delight: three mixes that will leave behind a smooth, friendly-shaped feeling of gratitude in your chest.

(Image above: by Nick Meyer.)

1. Björk for Mixmag

The soft powerhouse that is Björk has found her faith in love again and to thank the universe, she'll offer you not only a new album, but also a unique mix, inspired by "flutes and air". Thanks, Björk!

Tracklist (via)

Carl Stone - Shing Kee

Caroline Shaw - Partita II Sarabande

Steve Reich - Vermount Counterpoint

David Lang - Death Speaks

Philippe Hurel - Loops For Solo Flute

Anastassis Philippakopoulus - Song For Bass Flute

Sarah Hopkins - Kindred Spirits

Arca - Anoche

Bjðrk - Losss

Tenores Di Bitti - Cantu A Ballu Seriu

Mesharyalaradah - Tafakarto

Duchegerm - Augmented Flute Live

Ragnar Johnson & Jessica Mayer - Mo Mo 2 [Ideologic Organ - SOMA 024]

Serpentwithfeet - Four Ethers [Tri Angle - TRI 037DIG3]

Mala Feat. Asociacion Juvenil Puno - Kotos [Brownswood - BWOOD 0140DD]

Lanark Artefax - Glasz [UIQ - 005]

Kelly Lee Owens Feat. Jenny Hval - Anxi [Smalltown Supersound - STS 293D]

Loft - Funemployed

Peder Mannerfelt - Limits To Growth [Peder Mannerfelt Produktion - PMLP 002]

SD Laika - Sanpaku Island

SD Laika - Latent Fish

Master Sriram Roshan (Kanchana 2) - Moda Moda

Aby Ngana Diop - Ndadje [Awesome Tapes From Africa - ATFA 010CD]

Rules - Heat 2

Emptyset (Roly Porter Version) - Function Vulgar Display Of Power

SD Laika - Dreadful John

Oxhy - Burning Tories

Kelela - Take Me Apart [Warp - CDD 287]

David Lang - Child LV. Sweet Air [Cantaloupe]

N/A - Untitled [Oiseaux De Venezuela]

N/A - Untitled [Sacred Flute Music From New Guinea]

N/A - Untitled [Birdsong From Iceland]

2. DJ Seinfled

Don't let the name stop you from listening to this quietly fantastic set that will work wonders on headphones. Thanks Armand! (Yes, that is his real name.)

3. Oneohtrix Point Never FACT Magazine Mix

If you haven't seen "Good Time" yet, you're missing out on one of the most visceral, original and uncompromising movies to come out this decade. The soundtrack by Oneohtrix Point Never is harrowing and jarring, with the Iggy Pop collaboration as the emotional highpoint. To celebrate the release of the soundtrack and the film, Mr. Point Never has made a mix of inspirational soundtracks for FACT Magazine, including tracks from Akira, Running Man and Blade Runner. A no-brainer, really. Thanks Daniel! (Again, his real name.)

Tracklist: (via)

Giorgio Moroder – ‘Cacophony’
Bernard Szajner – ‘Welcome (To Death Row)’
Alan Parker – ‘Synchrotech’
Abigail Mead – ‘Ruins’
Brad Fiedel – ‘Tunnel Chase’
Daft Punk – ‘Television Rules The Nation’
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – ‘Requiem’
Dopplereffekt – ‘Z Boson’
Howard Shore – ’01 – 9PM’
Harold Faltermeyer – ‘Main Title, Fight Escape’
Giorgio Moroder – ‘Chase’
Sick Le Lapin – ‘Flashcore Mix’
Heldon – ‘Le Retour Des Soucoupes Volantes’
Lewis – ‘Like To See You Again’ (OPN Remix)
John Abercrombie – ‘Timeless’
Steve Hillage – ‘Palm Trees (Love Guitar)’

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