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Join KNOTORYUS At The Antwerp Fashion Department’s “SHOW2017” + “EXPO2017”

Join KNOTORYUS At The Antwerp Fashion Department’s “SHOW2017” + “EXPO2017”

How do you measure a year? Is it in 525,600 minutes or the time before and after the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ annual fashion show? The latter, obviously.

On June 2 and June 3, the incredibly hard-working students of the Antwerp Academy will be bearing their soul on the runway once more and KNOTORYUS is doubly excited for this edition, because we get to be part of the official Antwerp Fashion Department magazine again (more on this soon)!

If you’ve barely recovered from last year’s cornucopia, SHOW2017 is shaping up to be another doozy (just look at the gorgeous posters created by the incredible team of Walter Van BeirendonckRonald StoopsPaul BoudensInge Grognard, Sander and Dirk Van Saene, with a mask by Marta Twarowska). Each student’s collection is thrillingly different, and there’s nothing like spotting a budding designer signature or brand new viewpoint from year one up until the fourth and final year. Whether it was watching former graduates like Minju KimNiels PeeraerDevon Halfnight Leflufy,  Damien RavnWim Bruynooghe (congratulations on the launch of UCWHY!)or Demna Gvasalia (just to name a few) evolve with each new year, KNOTORYUS has always been eager to see these designers flourish and 2K17 is no exception.

Young Thug and model with an incredible poker face both wearing  Rushemy   Botter  – VFILES Runway 7

Young Thug and model with an incredible poker face both wearing Rushemy Botter – VFILES Runway 7

This year, a whopping 18 designers will be graduating from the master’s programme, a graduate class of remarkable size and talent to match. Coming from so many different walks of life, these graduates represent the future of fashion. After closely following the master students these last years, we truly believe there are at least a few set to leave a great mark on the industry. That’s why you don’t want to miss out on this year’s edition. Just look at the accolades some of these masters have already gained (Sanan Gasanovwas the recipient of the Louis, Coccodrillo and Dries Van Noten Christine Matthys Award last year and Rushemy Botter won a coveted spot on the  VFiles ‘Runway 7’ in New York last Winter.

When one of these masters achieves greatness in the future, you know you’ll want to be able to deadpan: “Saw them graduate, so yeah, always knew that would happen.”

The  class of 2017  connects with alumnus  Demna   Gvasalia

The class of 2017 connects with alumnus Demna Gvasalia

You don’t just have the show to look forward to: at the accompanying exhibition on June 3, titled “EXPO2017”, you’ll have the opportunity to study the 18 master student collections at leisure and in detail, because you know there are so many details, stories and intricacies in the garments for you to pour over. If you want the full prep session, head over to @antwerpfashionmasters to get to know more about each master student and their inspirations before their grand farewell on the Academy runway.

Get your tickets now, start getting that phone super-charged, delete all of your photos, videos and podcasts (you’ll need the extra space with 18 graduates): “SHOW2017” is sure to redefine the meaning of extravaganza!

SHOW2017 poster



June 2 + 3 2017


Damplein 28
2060 Antwerp

TICKETS: €35 (seated) & €15 (standing)
Don’t hesitate, tickets sell out quickly!

Get your tickets & practical info here.


June 3 2017
Campus ‘Paardenmarkt’
Rodestraat 12
2000 Antwerp

11AM – 5PM
Tickets: €10

Get your tickets & practical info here.

Poster SHOW2017

Poster images:

Production Walter Van Beirendonck – Photography Ronald Stoops – Make-up Inge Grognard – Styling Dirk Van Saene – Mask – Marta Twarowska – Photo Assistance: Sander – Graphic Design Paul Boudens

Graduates image: @antwerpfashionmasters

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