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5 Recent Occurrences of Ridiculous Beauty

5 Recent Occurrences of Ridiculous Beauty

The beautiful is not always sublime. Sometimes it's kinda ridiculous. 5 current cases in point: 

1. These Juergen Teller Photographs for Palace.

Above: It's the details that get me: the horse's head, the inside-of-your-bubblegum-blue snakeskin shoes, the eyes poppin'.

And below: the weird symmetry between the lady on the torn poster and the lady randomly shuffling into frame, the illogically serious dent in the suitcase, considering the weight of Blondey McCoy. What is this? Don't know. But I like it.

(c) Juergen Teller

2. This Cartoony "SahBabiii - Standing on the Corner" Video

I'm a sucker for early 1970's NY-style underground cartoons and "Standing On The Corner - SahBabii /\ Now, Nation End, 38:15" is a gloriously ramshackle piece of underground hip-hop with a video to match. Also, this song is way catchier than it has any right to be. You'll be humming "shabby dabby dooooo" for days.

3. This Fruity Supreme Shirt

No one does seemingly nonsensical mash-ups of off-topic art pieces and bang-on branding better than Supreme. See: this completely random, completely fantastic Fall-Winter 2018 T-shirt.

4. This Nike React Element 87 in Dark Grey

So many things going on in sneakers these days: ridiculous levels of technical prowess and detailing and fabric innovation, matched with ridiculously satisfying names. I mean "React Element 87" is just so perfect a name for those of us who want to feel like life is different now and we're living in the future and some of that future is actually kinda awesome. (Me.)

5. This JENKEM Skate Video

In JENKEM - Matt Tomasello AKA "Rodney Mullen on Bath Salts", the tricks are not always "ridiculous" as in "whoa, that was so good it was ridiculous". Sometimes they're actually, literally ridiculous, using Frankenstein-boards cobbled together on a whim or doing tricks that any normal-brained human would dismiss beforehand. I love that. 

IDLES - Great

IDLES - Great

TELFAR is Bringing You the Bag of the Season

TELFAR is Bringing You the Bag of the Season