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The Beautiful People Coming to Out The Frame

The Beautiful People Coming to Out The Frame

Out The Frame is a one-day hip hop festival organised by All Eyes On Hip Hop and Vooruit, Ghent, aimed to put an exciting selection of what’s new and/or beyond in front of our faces. We’re pretty stoked about this second edition as the line-up is hella intersectional & original.

Below, we’ll highlight a couple of the most compelling new-ish names & combo's. This list could’ve featured 90% of the schedule as far as we’re concerned so don’t be mad, cause we ain’t got time.

Out The Frame

The world has been obsessed with Rico Nasty lately and rightfully so, but Rico herself says she owes a lot to BbyMutha, the attention-grabbing rapper from Chattanooga, Tennessee. BbyMutha has been turning her life as a mother of two (!) sets of twins who has a penchant for mystic numerology and weed into a whole series of promising EP’s and mixtapes. You know who is featured on one of those? Rico Nasty. Side note, when we say “mystic numerology”, don’t think something soft is coming, expect lyrics like “I’m a planet, you a local bitch”. 

Image  Neu Neu Magazine  via BbyMutha facebook

Image Neu Neu Magazine via BbyMutha facebook

Still from Jean Grae & Quelle Chris - ‘Gold Purple Orange’

Still from Jean Grae & Quelle Chris - ‘Gold Purple Orange’

Lander Gyselinck & Quelle Chris - You might know Lander best as the drummer of Stuff., and if you do, you know spending time watching him live is always time well spent. Curious to see what the combo with NYC MC Quelle Chris will be like.

Charlotte Adigéry showing off her merch which you can buy  here

Charlotte Adigéry showing off her merch which you can buy here

We aren’t on speaking terms until you’ve read our very entertaining conversation with the great Charlotte Adigéry. We’ll meet you on the dance floor for the Paténipat endurance-test afterwards.

Watch Charlotte Adigéry perform ‘Paténipat’ live at DEEWEE above.

Lotic via  Tri-Angle Records

Another artist we’re definitely looking forward to is Lotic: an underground, gender-non-conforming sonic force from Texas via Berlin. Their 2018 album “Power” was high on our rotation list thanks to its fragile soundscapes and fractured landscape of angry beats. Also, their performance is not to be missed as a visual feast since they will be performing in "a crown of sliced light” created by Emmanuel Biard. Arca is an easy comparison, but their own references of Solange, DJ Screw and Disney’s Maleficent make more sense.  

Dope Saint Jude is a very talented South African hip hop MC who's slowly but surely busting through those “artist to watch” ranks.

Image by  Thomas Ost

Image by Thomas Ost

We’re really rooting for Dvtch Norris to break internationally. Since 2013 the Antwerp artist has been steadily grinding and the effortlessness of his flow mixed with the sense of humour and style that oozes out his visuals make him very deserving of a spot amongst his international peers.

I’m also looking forward to going dumb to his latest single ‘Blessed’.




Vooruit Gent

Tickets: €20 / €17 (presale) /€15 (Group tickets starting from 5 tickets)

In collaboration with All Eyes On Hip Hop

DMBQ - No Things

DMBQ - No Things

Teyana Taylor - Issues/Hold On

Teyana Taylor - Issues/Hold On