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My love for RA's Wünderkinder Anna and Romain travels wide and deep.

Not only is their Antwerp store one of the greatest in the world. Every time you see one of them, talking seems obsolete. Just hovering around them drags you into a mystically dangerous world. Gets your blood pumping.

I just got invited to the opening of their new store in Paris, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it.

Opening + More beautiful images of RA founders Romain and Anna by Yves De Brabander after the jump...

RA has initiated its presence in Paris since 2010 with a series of exhibitions at our temporary space in the Marais district during womens and mens prêt-a-porter fashion weeks. Buyers and press have been introduced to our conceptual selection of young, talented designers and artists from Antwerp and around the world, whom we have supported as a platform for their early works, graduation collections and small-scale art projects.

For 2012, RA cements a permanent position within the artistic and fashion hub, by opening the Parisian extension of our original retail concept and exhibition space. Inspired by the city of light, RA Paris channels a new focus on a bygone era of bespoke creation, to bring to life a 1920’s inspired “salon” ambience. The design and décor of RA Paris has been a personal project of RA founders Anna Kushnerova and Romain Brau, and is suffused with an alchemy of the elements – created in collaboration with traditional masters in metal and wood. The monumental front door is sculpted with symbolic carvings in heavy bronze, and layered curtains create shifting scenographies.

With the essence of symbolism instilled throughout the space, RA Paris will form an intimate yet theatrical showcase for modern couture offerings from artisanal designers like London’s Meadham Kirchhoff, eveningwear from Serkan Cura, millinery by Nasir Mazhar, and handcrafted costume jewellery from Heaven Tanudiredja. New designers will be complemented by an opulent selection of vintage garments from houses such as Chanel, Alaïa and Mugler, evoking the decadence of a bygone era.

In true Bohemian spirit, RA Paris will host regular salon events, including readings, performance art and intimate fashion shows. The space will be a living part of the fashion equation, inspiring designers and artists to explore a unique potential for customised installations. The unique connection with RA Antwerp will continue to evolve, creating an enriched artistic dialogue between the two cities.

RA Paris

14 rue de la Corderie

Paris 75003

Metro : Temple

RA opens January 25th 2012

More info RA here

+ Vice recently published this great interview with Romain