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[dailymotion x4k5nh nolink] We can only imagine Kanye on the phone with So_Me after seeing the new Justice DVNO promo...

So_Me: "Allo?"

Kanye: "Heeelllll No!"

So_Me: "?"

Kanye: "I know you didn't play me. I KNOW you didn't!"

So_Me: "Oo is this?"

Kanye: "Don't act like you don't know who this is! You know who this is! Don't act like you don't know when Yeezy is coming down on you!"

So_Me: "Kanye?"

Kanye: "What the hell is that DVNO video? What the hell ! Why didn't I get that? This sh*t is technicolor! Mine was a kid with a box of broken crayons! How you gonna play me?"

So_Me: "I'm not playing with you.."

Kanye: "That's right! You don't know how right you are! You ain't playin' with me no more. That's it! I'm past you. I'm all over you. And you can't come to my house no more. That sh*t is closed. Get it? Closed!"

(hangs up)

So_Me: "Allo? Yeezy baby? Allo? Zut, alors..."

KNOTORYUS Fam by Mark The Cobrasnake

KNOTORYUS Fam by Mark The Cobrasnake

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