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kanye_west080712_1.jpg Yesterday we went to see Kanye West live at Marktrock. He kicked ass.

We finally got to see the Jeremy Scott shades up close. They will be added to Jeremy Scott's A/W 07-08 line. And although I wasn't too impressed with Kanye's stage outfit, it was funny to see that his crew wears his hand-me-downs... (We saw a cable guy in a silver Dior Homme jacket). Kanye will be releasing his own -dude, what's with the name- 'Pastelle' line later this year.

The final coverart of his new album (drops 9/11) 'Graduation' was revealed as well.

(pictures of coverart and tracklisting after the jump)08_kenyecds_lg.jpg

The image on the right was 'just promo-art', the one on the left is 'the cover for real'. This was cofirmed by iTunes as well as Amazon.

This is the tracklisting for Mr. Ye's new album

01 Good Morning 02 Homecoming [ft. Chris Martin] 03 Stronger 04 Champion 05 Good Life [ft. T-Pain] 06 I Wonder 07 Even More Broke Phi Broke (Skit) 08 Can't Tell Me Nothing 09 Drunk and Hot Girls [ft. Mos Def] 10 Evrything I Am [scratches by DJ Premier] 11 Good Night [ft. Mos Def & Al Be] 12 Big Brother 13 Graduation (Skit) 14 The Glory 15 CRS [ft. Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell] [pre-order only] (I've tried to ignore the fact that Chris Martin is on this album. Kinda hard when my gag-reflex has not yet recovered from Kanye's announcement that the song he did with that douche from Maroon 5 was his favourite song on 'Late Registration')