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foto45 Despite being a December baby, I am not a big Winter fan. I don't do cold well nor gracefully + shit is too dark and I hate Winter coats. I'd be a wear-a-fierce-fur-or-go-home type a gal, but I'm not an animal hater and/or filthy rich, so I've cornered myself into wearing vests that are more Spring or Fall appropriate. For instance, I would be wear the above denim jacket if I could find it ...

Anyway, instead of going all #winterdepressioneverything I kind of made a big decision yesterday. I'm going to kick this basic freezing boohoo-ing bishe in the nuts and take full-on action. For starters: it's been a couple of months since I've last had a sesh with my personal trainer. I've been working out by myself, but lord knows it's not the same without craycrayJennifer (better ass than J-Lo's. I said it). There's a lot of other new and therefore kind of scary stuff I will be taking on, but we need to keep shit spiced up right?! Having said all this, I still had quite a few lol and ohwow moments checking my iPhone these past couple of weeks. Now, all I that's left for me to do is turn this ice cold frown upside down.


Is Colette's press kahuna and all round impressive dude following you on instagram? Good for you! Also : aaargh, I know right?!


I sent this to my intern a couple of days before he started at KNOTORYUS. Three days later he went on an assignment where he bumped into Dries Van Noten so he decided to make a meme celebrating the occasion.



I'm telling you right now : Immi Abraham is magic.

Schermafbeelding 2013-02-07 om 15.06.56


Reading Tabatha's posts on MTTM always makes me smile. This time because she said this : "I don't need anyone else to validate my sexiness when I know that under my hoodie and jeans there's some very expensive, very naughty shit going on." Preach TamTam.

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KNOTORYUS Talks To Matthew Miller : "If It Passes The Cool As Fuck Test, I'm Happy."

KNOTORYUS Talks To Matthew Miller : "If It Passes The Cool As Fuck Test, I'm Happy."

Eyecandy Smörgasbord feat. Grizzly Bear, Mondkopf, Lukasz Wierbowski, Chelsea Wolfe, Tim Sessler, etc.