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Note from Dominique : Years ago, after I finished my internship at MTV Networks in London during which I was expecting to be locked up in the mailroom,  but instead was flown around Europe -sometimes 1st class- to help cover all the big festivals, I was so grateful for the experience that I vowed that if I ever bumped into a skilled and eager young individual myself, I would return the favour. So we took our own apprentice, the very talented and incredibly fun Immi Abraham, on an expenses-paid trip to London Fashion Week. Because we thought he deserved a chance. And because we are hoping that one day, he will pay it forward too.

Go ‘head Immi :


“Rise and shine, bitch, fashion week is calling!” my phone so gently told me the next morning. I threw all my stuff in my backpack and jumped on the tube for a dose of that early morning pee smell! The personal highlight of every tube ride is letting your Somerset House pass dangle from your neck like a proud boy scout. I might as well have worn a t-shirt that said: “I’m with the cool people”! After a spot of implicit metro bragging, I arrived at the Institute for Contemporary Arts where photographer Juergen Teller is currently showcasing his most famous works. The exhibition is called Woo! (after a sound the Will Ferrell character ‘Ashley Shaffer’ always makes) and because there really isn’t a more exciting title for an expo, now is there? With the amazing prospect of the Vivienne Westwood show later that day, it was the perfect time to go check out this exhibition. Teller is a long-time friend of Westwood’s and made the most amazing nude photographs of her 3 years ago. She was 68 at the time, and I was just so extremely in awe standing in front of these photos (they’re totally NSFW, but so are most of Teller’s photographs). Juergen Teller represents everything fashion photography normally never is: honest, totally unflattering and unretouched. If you didn’t know him already, you’ve probably seen the ads he’s been doing for Marc Jacobs for years now. And I must admit I only fully realised the full genius of Teller’s work until it was all put together in front of me. Plus there really is nothing like standing next to a total stranger, both looking at a photo of Juergen Teller’s penis on a Sunday morn’. This (free) exhibition runs till the 17th of March, so be sure to go see it if you find yourself in London.

238 - kopie237 - kopieAfter informing all the people working at the gallery that “it’s funny I should be looking at Vivienne Westwood naked since I’m going to go see her show in an hour”, it was time to head over to the Saatchi Gallery. The Westwood show was such a terrific experience, I had to write a separate entry about that.255 - kopieI will never get used to the sight of someone taking pictures with an iPad though. After the show I hastily worked my way back to Somerset House for the Bloody Gray designer showcase. It’s always great to see Belgians doing well, so I was determined to be on time to check out Tom Van Der Borght‘s ’Aponycalypse’ collection. 267 - kopieWe talked for a bit about his collection and future plans, but that also calls for a separate post. The last stop of the day was the Dominic Jones jewelry presentation. I first saw one of his ‘Claw’ rings on blogger Pelayo in 2009, which I loved, so I was quite curious to see what he had in store for this winter.4230208120_5fa2b6fbcc_bThe jewellery was being showcased in a tiny candle-lit room. In the middle was a table with a contorted multi-limbed sculpture made by artist Gary Card, which featured the new pieces. Can something scary also be kind of elegant? Apparently, yes.283274286 The collection is bold and oversized, drawing inspiration from African body ornaments and featuring an updated version of his popular claw rings. I really do love those rings, they kind of made me want to grab all of it and work it in front of one of the on-duty street style photographers. Unfortunately there was no time left to execute my devious plan since the Eurostar home was sounding its horn in the distance, much to my annoyance. I wasn’t going to leave without a picture of the Big Ben, though. As much as I pretended to not be a tourist, there weren’t any fashionable people around to notice anyway. 294Tired beyond my comprehension, but truly grateful and inspired I left for Belgium again. Bye London, I don’t mean to sound like a creep but I’ll be in you again soon!

Eyecandy Smörgasbord feat. The XX, Woodkid, Alber Elbaz, Lucian Freud, Kate Moss, Rick Rubin