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KNOTORYUS X Timberland : Stay Hot, Berlin!

KNOTORYUS X Timberland : Stay Hot, Berlin!

I'm not one to easily get huddled off to press events, but when Timberland called and was all : "Dominique, can we fly you to Berlin to see our F/W 2014 collections?", I texted them this picture with the caption "SHE ALREADY PACKED".

(Also, that is some classic, I'm going to say mid 2000's, "Surface To Air" happening right there.)

So, I flew out, rolled straight into Bread & Butter Berlin where we were greeted by #BBBConnect hosts wearing Timbs of course.

Those 4 packs above are my favourite. Abingtons & 6" Boot-variations all day.

I got to talking to the wonderfully witty Global Design Director for Apparel and Accessories Camilla Vesth. I will publish the interview when we're closer to the release of the collections we discussed. But look, Timberland's main goal for the coming seasons is to bring the outdoors to the city. And to stay relevant.

I think they'll be fine, because look :

((c) Dennis Branko)

Above image : Super talented artist Vincent van de Waal with Patta-founder Gee and DJ Vic Crezée roaming the streets wearing Timbs.

Also, I think Dennis Branko should be shooting big campaigns.

You know who else was at #BBBCONNECT? My girl AJ OMO, her man FLO and Associate Bao from A CUT ABOVE.

I am so in love with their new collection. You can preview some of it on this image of  Bao and the lovely Lee Stuart. #WhitePalms

Later on, I attended the Timberland workshops created by VICE.

Listen, I've never been one to square-photograph the contents of anything, so this one wasn't really for me. But again : BOOTS, THO!

Several sighting of those NWA x TIMBERLAND boots. Still stuntin!

(Read my Nadège Winter pow wow HERE.)


This woman on the other hand. Meet Essence Creator and Harvard, Buckingham Palace and NASA collaborator Sissel Tolaas. She immediately started yelling that "if you didn't leave your fancy fingerfood and beer at the door and you weren't trying to learn anything, you could get the fuck out!" I LOL'd on the inside because this was a press event and ain't nobody trying to do anything else but eat and drink, but I also threw that fig & duck concoction right over my left shoulder and immediately sat down, because NASA and Harvard.

She made us create our own fragrance. I seriously advise against mine.

Moments before my first and super epic SPORT & STREET FOREVER party, breaking in my pair of PALACE x REEBOK.

The club.

My wardrobe number kept it.

Solid early morning reporting.

Yeah. That was a blast.

My picks for the next couple of months :

Them Earthkeepers Cupsoles.

Not mad at these classics!

The kids got it good. Get these little ones HERE.

These 6'' VILLA's.

For all things Timberland, go HERE!

I Found Another Way to Caress My Day

I Found Another Way to Caress My Day

Eyecandy Smörgasbord Feat. Fantastic Man, Kwes, Jaques Bodin, Aba Bayefski

Eyecandy Smörgasbord Feat. Fantastic Man, Kwes, Jaques Bodin, Aba Bayefski