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If I could sing myself, I wouldn't be sharing this with you.

He' s the new Neneh Cherry.

I met him in 2006.


A year later, he's back in Belgium and Uffie done stole his drink. (watch that soap opera here)

Well... that NIYI is looking for hot stuff!

In a quite funny manner, I think even your mum can apply. Actually, NIYI probably really wants your mum to apply!

A word from the man:




l_c8b7f64a4b88d2fd7ced8ba583ac60ff.jpg "can you sing? like to travel ? BACKING VOCALISTS WANTED!!!!!! Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

In the past year alone I have performed in these places:

Manchester Birmingham Chemnitz (Germany) Leipzig (Germany) Cracow (Poland) Venice (Italy) Barcelona (Spain) Paris (France) Malmoe (Sweden) Vienna (Austria) Gent (Belgium) Berne (Switzerland) Berlin (Germany) Milan (Italy) New York (USA) MAdrid (Spain) and of course: LONDON!! I have met the most amazing people and seen the most amazing things too.

But I have also had to get 90 minute coaches a bit more than Id like to, had to perform with the most BANGING hangovers, dropped a manly tear coz ive been lost no one will help me "then it started to rain...", and missed probably the cumulative total of one years worth of sleep.



Can you sing well? Like performing in front of a crowd? Are you confident? Do you love music Do you LOVE travel?

You can be any age really, and what you look like isnt too important.. a positive hard working attitude when the going gets tough, and a strong singing voice are much more valuable attributes when we're on the road together! If you can sing well (and are good at working out harmonies too!), work well in a team, then get in touch!!!!

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, then pl email niyilist@gmail.com

Please don't send me messages on here though pl coz they will just get lost in my inbox....


If you wanna do this, please have the time to be able to do this..... ie rehearsals and the actual travel time. If it is a London gig, then you'll just have to be available probably 2100 till 0100 but if its an itnl gig, then you'll have to be free probably (eg. gig on Friday night) Fri Morning till Saturday night.

So please only reply if you can commit to this.

Also, you wont have to pay a penny at all for any of this... ie all travel, accommodation; restaurants, midnight supermarket sweeps will be paid for ! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

EDIT: pref ull be in London or surrounding areas.... wen emailing pl inc myspace xx "


EYE CANDY SMÖRGASBORD feat. Pleix, Dior Homme Lumière, Bon Jovi, Back Porch Video, etc.