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ll-cover.jpg "My pockets is rot/they got gang-green". LL Cool J drops his first mixtape ever. Don't let the oogly cover fool you.

When LL Cool J came to Brussels last year I was a bit skeptical. Me & D were camping out in the back of the room with a tall order of drinks, ready for whatever LL was going to bring (our guess: 'say fuck you left side' and 'stop filming my shit or I'll stop playing!'. Then he came on. Slayed it. Best hip hop concert of the year in my book.

On the eve of his new release, LL Cool J releases his first mixtape ever. DJ Kayslay is on the buttons. LL does what you expect on a mixtape in 2008: disses, vocoders, A Milli, freestyles. What you didn't expect: he does it better than everyone else.

I'm posting the Papoose track for your immediate listening pleasure.

You can download the whole thing here.

01. DJ Kay Slay & LL Cool J - Intro 02. LL Cool J - Hi Haterz 03. LL Cool J - Who Want It With The G.O.A.T. 04. LL Cool J - Zodiac Drilla 05. LL Cool J - 5 Boroughs 06. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Sheek Louch) 07. LL Cool J - Laptop Gangstaz 08. LL Cool J - You Live & You Learn (feat. Papoose) 09. LL Cool J - I Cry (feat. Lil’ Mo) 10. LL Cool J - New York Gangstaz 11. LL Cool J - Sidewalk Executives 12. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Grafh) 13. LL Cool J - The Truth (Throwback) 14. LL Cool J - Freestyle (feat. Nicolette) 15. LL Cool J - Clap N Revolve 16. LL Cool J - Paper (feat. Jiz & Lyrikal) 17. LL Cool J - Rock Da Pole 18. DJ Kay Slay & LL Cool J - Outro

EYE CANDY SMÖRGASBORD XL feat. Vampire Weekend (Oxford Comma Video), Elle Girl Korea, Lara Stone, Pop Levi, Alife, The Black Ghosts, Pase Rock, etc.