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KNOTORYUS World Premiere : Lockwood X Nike SB

KNOTORYUS World Premiere : Lockwood  X Nike SB

I've been sitting on this news for a while now, yet I still can not deal.

When I first met Lockwood founder Sven Aerts several years ago, I was doing an editorial for a Belgian newspaper that included him and his wife (Avenue owner) Lina Fredriksson. That's when they both told me one of their biggest professional dreams was getting their own shoe. We have since become friends and have collaborated on multiple productions.

So when Sven greeted me a couple of months ago with the news : "The Lockwood Nike is happening and it is going to be an SB.", I honestly could not be happier even if I tried. This is such a big deal and it could not have happened to someone more deserving. I have said it in private, but I think I need to stress this publicly as well : Lockwood isn't just a store. Sven Aerts isn't just a skateboarder and a -really incredible, like half of my current wardrobe incredible- buyer and store owner. Aerts has also built and is carefully protecting a young Belgian community by training them, providing safe places to hang out, showing them first hand how to live your dreams through discipline while staying true to yourself and giving them jobs. So rare yet so incredibly important in a world that is prone to stereotype youth, telling them they are worthless if they are different and bash them until they start walking in line. For me it has always been the other way round. Whenever I walk into Lockwood Antwerp and see all those -some of them gold toothed and fully-tatted, some of them inconspicuous and shy but all of them crazy sweet, funny and inspiring- kids : I know that we're still winning.

Enough with the sentimentalness, on with the -first- details :

For the first time in history, Nike has teamed up with a Belgian store for an exclusive collaboration with a global launch.

The Lockwood x Nike SB pack will be released in carefully selected stores all over the world on December 20, 2014 and will come in two colour ways : A black edition and a  limited white edition, both featuring the Lockwood logo.

The Belgian -invite only- launch is set for December 18, 2014.

More details and images will follow soon.

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Lockwood X Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski: First Images

Lockwood X Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski: First Images

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