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Kate Moss : Men Are Cunts

Kate Moss : Men Are Cunts

Kate Moss graces the cover of Interview.

GO: Speaking of when you were 17, I just saw the Calvin Klein underwear ad you and I did with Herb Ritts and Marky Mark.

KM: Oh, I was such a nervous wreck.

GO: It was strange. He was working so hard to be, uh, funky. He turned out to be such a good actor.

KM: But at the time he was such a dickhead. He wasn't very nice. They had to get Downtown Julie Brown to come in as a consultant.

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KM: I've met Bob Dylan. We did one of those nonhandshake handshakes. I was with all guys , and he shook hands with all of them, and then they said "And this is Kate," and I put my hand out, and he didn't put his hand out. It was one of those. We finally did shake. And then I fainted!

GO: So who's more diabolical, men or women?

KM: Men, for sure!

GO: Why?

KM: 'Cause they're cunts!

GO: Men are cunts?

KM: Absolute bastards!

GO: So are women dicks?

KM: Actually, that's true. I never really thought about it, but for sure.

GO: But you like men, that's obvious. What do you notice first about a guy?

KM: Oh, his eyes? The lips? I don't know.

GO: And what do you notice first on a woman?

KM: Tits. I'm a tit man.

GO: So as a tit man, what do you think about breast implants?

KM: I think they are awful.

GO: Have you ever felt them?

KM: Yeah, I have. They are awful. So many of my friends have had them, and they've gone wrong. One of my friends' tits started growling like the giant peach, and blood started coming out the nipple.

GO: Ew!

GO: And why are all the hot chicks over 30?

KM: Oh, you're sweet. Well, really, I think it's because we know. We have experience.

GO: Older women can talk.

KM: I could talk when I was 20. I'm a lot better in the sack now.

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After reading, bag it, store it,  save it for your kids.

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