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EYE CANDY SMÖRGASBORD feat. Kaws, Visvim, Alife, Kate Moss, Poni Hoax, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head & More...

EYE CANDY SMÖRGASBORD feat. Kaws, Visvim, Alife, Kate Moss, Poni Hoax, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head & More...


Beauty is all around you.


Alife is fast becoming king of the materials in the sneaker game. These new hi-tops have more different kinds of leather, nylon and rubber strapped on than a British MP on a Saturday night.


Also good to nice up your feet: the new Visvims.

[youtube 7-gQL03u7mc nolink]

With a name like "Natalie Portman's Shaved Head", you're never going to sell out a stadium. Then again, it does give you a free pass to wear dayglo Indian headgear and making a refrain that goes 'Do you like my ponytail?/Yes I do/I really do".


Some magazine covers that grabbed my attention: Kaws reworks Complex and Kate Moss on the cover for Interview Magazine.


Music cover artwork I've saved on my desktop:


The new Poni Hoax, released on Tiger Sushi. (A band's place in MySpace)

Love the album title, too. I'm a real sucker for a good title. My current favourites are 'Nausea, 1979' (by Haruki Murakami) and 'Look who's having sex with mommy' (by Chelsea handler). The stuff I'm working on for future KNOTORYUS-releases is currently filed under the working title 'WAKING UP WITH A CHANGED FACE', a reference to a 1976 essay by Joseph Brodsky. In the essay, he briefly touches on his theory that there are only two types of creative work: one is entertainment, the other is waking up with a changed face.


The soon to be released Peter, Bjorn & John "Seaside Rock" is very close to cover perfection if you ask me. (A band's place in MySpace)



And don't forget to buy the new Ariel Pink collection 'Oddities Sodomies' straight from his MySpace. He delivers the vinyl version with handmade covers like the ones pictured above... (A band's place in MySpace)

Love the poster artwork for his current tour, too:


[youtube LTh9IuSTOY0]

More music: White Lies - "Death". Not the greatest track, but I like the video. (A band's place in MySpace)


And on an aesthetically pleasing closing note:  the Dazed Digital site has had a massive overhaul and it looks way prettier. Check out the exclusive Mixxxxtape celebrating 20 years of Delicious Vinyl.


Kate Moss : Men Are Cunts

Kate Moss : Men Are Cunts