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My Personal Supreme SS2017 Ten Product Selection

My Personal Supreme SS2017 Ten Product Selection

When I saw the new Supreme SS17 collection-reveal yesterday, I of course knew immediately that you'll definitely catch me outside in head-to-toe all-over-Obama-on-wax-print, but it took a night of sleep to trust any decisions on what else I can safely hand over my hard-earned coin for. First of all, for those who were scared the original NY-brand would go all soft after the Louis Vuitton collab (read La MJC's Michael Dupouy and me discussing that subject here): you're wrong.

If compelled, you can still cut someone with your 2inch blade key knife or testify in a "Fuck The President" shirt, get a cash-cannon money gun or confuse/accuse in a  "Sick Mother, Sick Child" hoodie.

Without further ado, here's my top 10.

1. Barack Obama anorak, shirt and pants: 

I know these are three items, but for me this equals one product, because for full effect you need to be dressed in head-to-toe Barack. It's just too glorious.

Update: HighSnobiety reports Supreme jacked the full BO-design from garments made by locals celebrating Obama's 2009 visit to Ghana. And although it's custom for Supreme (and almost all streetwear brands) to be inspired by or make plays on other brands, since Supreme is a multi-million dollar business it is unfair to take from those poorer than you. Let's see how this develops and if the original designers are compensated.

2. Supreme faux fur bomber jacket


3. Supreme arrows striped polo sweater 

Dress for the job you want: which in my case is Denzel Washington.

4. Supreme 'Fuck The President' t-shirt5. Supreme silk warm-up pant

You can wear these to any job I'm paying you for.6. Supreme leather vest 

art.7. Supreme 'Don't Be A Dick' crewneck 

People forget. We forget.8. Supreme mesh shorts

Hot.9. Supreme leather bum bag

Both.10. Checkered overalls + Supreme Artek/Aalto bench

So I'm wearing the checkered coveralls, perched on my motherfucking Alvar Aalto/Supreme bench. Eating.

I know you're probably thinking: "too much", but these are the items you will spot inside someone's home a couple of years from now and deeply regret not having in yours. Plus, we deserve.

(Also, these will be worth at least triple in 10 years when all our younger readers have interior design budgets).The Supreme SS2017 collection will be available:

February 16th in the Supreme stores in London, NY, LA and Paris.

February 18th in Japan.

February 23rd online.

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