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[youtube 01c5jy2ULmM]

Last night we were lucky enough to attend a preview of Baloji's new album Hotel Impala.

He's playing tonight at the Blue Note Festival to play for keeps. Don't miss!

(P.S. How sick is that video? Props to Kurt from Caviar! Check Baloji's MySpace and while you're at it, swing by Nicolas Karakatsanis, who photographed Baloji and will be releasing his own much-anticipated film soon.)

After the jump: Baloji in the studio with Amp Fiddler, recording an unreleased song by Marvin Gaye.

Baloji Update Botanique (17/11/08)

[youtube Hqi9u661CFY]

Watch for the KNOTORYUS interview & profile with Baloji in the September issue of ELLE magazine & find out where the 'Keyzer Soze' nickname comes from.

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