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KNOTORYUS PODCAST: silent tears in the comfort of your coffee shop

KNOTORYUS PODCAST: silent tears in the comfort of your coffee shop

This installment of the already infamous KNOTORYUS podcast features:

1. Panda Bear: "Comfy in Nautica" Sounds like someone had a panic atack & accidentally used a ziplock bag full of goodies to calm his breathing.

2. The Field: "Silent" This guy is plugged by Pitchfork as 'best new music' and is popping up on thousands of blogs. It's 'Club Emo' and it's the new french touch . Really. No wait, we made that last thing up.

3. YeahYeahYeahs: "Down Boy" From their soon-to-be-deemed-awesome-release IS IS EP

4. Justin Timberlake: "Love Stoned" (Justice remix) Check the joke-ending where the frenchies edit the lyrics so Justin admits to the whole wide world: "She's freaky but I like ass"

5. Von Südenfed: "Fledermaus Can't Get It" We plugged this collabo between Mouse on Mars and Mark E. Smith (from The Fall) first on our Tubefeed, then Pitchfork picked it up and now.. well, let's just say not being able to sing along to this stomper at the next party is like showing up with no pants on and having nothing but a trucker cap to cover your dirty bits.

6. Young Joc: "The Coffee Shop" Kids' choir singing about dope and making you dance at the same time. Eat that Lou Reed.

7. Flufftronix: "Softee's Theme": I scream, you scream, we all scream for Blog Disco

8. Matt & Kim: "Yea Yeah" (Flosstradamus remix) Check the Tubefeed (below) for the video

9. Amy Winehouse: "Tears Dry On Their Own" Same Here

10. Melvins: "The Talking Horse" I've pasted the video for this paranoid neckbruiser below (read more)

11. Andre 3000: "Banana Zoo" From the soundtrack of his kids' show 'Class of 3000'

12. Nick Drake: "The Way To Blue" There's a new Nick Drake compilation with unreleased tracks coming out this month. I've been practicing my deep melancholic stares all week.

13. Ghostface vs. Toto: "Good Times in Africa" Toto rules.

14. Twista ft. Pharrell: "Give it Up" The only real pleasure is guilty pleasure

[youtube XBaxRYGtrkI]