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KNOTORYUS. ASK AROUND. (A Kanye for Louis Vuitton Exclusive)

KNOTORYUS. ASK AROUND. (A Kanye for Louis Vuitton Exclusive)

hpim4730.JPG As you probably know I've been working long and hard on my exclusive Kanye West For Louis Vuitton article.

It's been published today...kanyelvknot.png

And I did my research : I talked to Louis Vuitton shoe-designer Fabrizio Vitti. He worked closely with Kanye on this line and he gave me some amazing quotes like :

"Working with Marc Jacobs and working with Kanye West is very similar. They both got the same drive and work ethic."


"Kanye played Love Lockdown (Fabrizzio starts singing passionately Loooove Lockdàààwn) for me in his L.A. condo. I told him : "This is the first time I hear you sing. This is really good song. And then he released it as his first single and as we all know, it became a very big hit."

About the women's collection: "we made some samples. Kanye wasn't happy with them. Nor was I. So we decided to just stick to a men's collection and make that one as fabulous as possible. But, yeah, after doing that, we do have an idea about how we may approach that in the future."

Go get your copy of DSM, its the weekend annex of De Standaard - one of Belgium's most respected newspapers. It should be available in good magazine stores all around the world.

This one's for you Mr. West. I'll send you a copy.