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8409_stills_L_10 One thing I like more than funny men is funny women.


Prob cos I'm sexist like that... 

If chicks tell a joke or do something hilarious I instantly fall in love with them.

Men have to make more of an effort: Are you smart. clean. trustworthy. are you gonna f*ck off the couch every once in a while. rub me the right way. pay your own bills. be a good dad....

If you're a girl that can make me laugh? Forget about it. Move in!

This is where I get my daily dose of Grl comedy Pr0n.

+ Enjoy this H&M party 2009 (can you keep up?) collection preview.


Sarah Morisson  (Sarah Morrison & MOBLiving) on Entourage:

"They should fire all the other actors and call it "Just Ari." Then I will watch it."


Tabatha McGurr from MOBLiving on meeting her boyfriend's Fam (incl pets & 2 younger siblings) for the first time :

"The kids took me out to the barn to see their donkeys and goats, I think they imagined - like most - that since I'm from the city I'm scared of critters and mud and shit. (...) I think both of them fell in love with me when I grabbed up this little snake that was slithering through the grass. Grabbed that fucker by his throat and dangled him above my sleeping boyfriend in front of his brothers. That's how you win the hearts of young boys.



Sam (MISSBEHAVE R.I.P.(S) and The Hipster Mom)

On Louis C.K. :

"If you have never seen a Louie C.K. special (Chewed Up or Shameless) get one this weekend. Tell me what you think. If you don’t love him you may be broken."

Tells beautiful love stories like these


Lesley Arfin (Café Con Lesley R.I.P.S -> that effin title all by itself) :

"A fake cry is like you're trying to give yourself attention but then you realize you're also kind of hungry and you might want to take a shower."


"A real cry doesn't make you want to die but it might make you super philosophical and have you questioning the reason for your existence and what not. A real cry will make you surrender the control you think you have over the universe. It also makes you sleepy. It also makes you feel better. If it's hysterical, it's historical"

Fun stuff with her Bf.

"Me and moo are riding bikes in matching outfits looking for an ice cream truck. Anyone got any leads?"

We love you Leszles!  please be well.




Breakbot Mixtape For BBC

Breakbot Mixtape For BBC

Eyecandy SmörgasbordEyecandy Smörgasbord feat. The Big Pink, Traci Lords, Agyness Dean and Terry Richardson do Michael Jackson, Jay Reatard, Martin Margiela, eighties Russian LP Covers, etc.