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Alexander McQueen AW10 - The Final Collection

Alexander McQueen AW10 - The Final Collection

Not much to say except genius...

Official statement at the end of the show : "Each piece was unique, as was he."

According to WWD :

"McQueen’s parent, PPR, had indicated the business would continue without its founder and creative director. On Thursday, retailers will be invited to buy a showroom collection spanning about 160 pieces, said McQueen president Jonathan Akeroyd. “People are focusing on the business,” he said, characterizing bookings for the pre-fall collection as “exceptional.” McQueen counts about 300 wholesale clients for its women’s wear, in addition to its network of 11 boutiques. “Everyone has been very supportive,” Akeroyd said. With McQueen’s death so fresh, less than a month ago, PPR has resisted making any forward-looking statements about the business, and the sensitive issue of design succession. Robert Polet, president and chief executive officer of Gucci Group, was overcome as he rushed backstage to see the design team. “It was a very moving experience to take a deep and serious look at his last collection. It showed Lee’s unique talent to create pieces of beauty that touch many of your senses, leaving one enriched,” Polet said later, after composing himself. Then he added, “Although the sense of loss afterwards, I found overwhelming.”


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