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Trend: Two Dudes And A Microphone

Trend: Two Dudes And A Microphone

THE NEW SCHOOL:1. Best Fwends

Our Current favourite band on the Moshi Moshi label is called BEST FWENDS. Two crazy dudes from Austin, Texas rip it up punk style with high speed pop. Sounds like: all-kinds-of-core (dibs on that genre term by the way).

Be their fwend on MySpace

Watch a documentary of their first gig, ever! (including Best Dad interview...)

2. Flight Of The Conchords

Two dudes from New Zeeland play funny folk (dibs!) that tickles your funny bone like it's a mandolin. Their quirky on-stage antics have earned them a new show on HBO.

Watch the full pilot here. Or: Watch & listen to the tale of Albi, the racist dragon. More TWO DUDES AND A MICROPHONE after the jump.


3. Ween

Chocodogs on the prowl...

Their new ep will be out in a jiffy (meaning: june 8).

Without Jack Black and 'that bald guy' (his mom calls him Kyle Gass when she's really upset, like when Kyle ate all the cookies) there probably wouldn't be any 'flight of the conchords'.

Watch them hail the gods of thunder, lightning and all things frightening in 'Master Exploder'.