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Starfish & Coffee

Starfish & Coffee

43812xnewsprincetributekn4.jpg Hot on the heels of the Rihanna + The TIME reunion, there's more good Prince-related news. 'Controversy' is a new Prince covers project with a jaw-dropping tracklist, including D'Angelo (He's alive! and covering Prince!), Stina Nordenstam, Soulwax and the incredible Susanna and the Magical Orchestra (Why aren't they big yet? This Motorpsycho side-project still holds the record for best cover of all time, so I'm psyched to see what they're pulling off on this comp.) If the cover art isn't by So_Me, he should sue. Most of the tracks on this comp are quite old, though. The Kode 9 & Space Ape Dubstep cover of 'Sign O' The Times' ('Sine of the Dub') dropped in 2005. I've pulled an older Dubstep mix out of my archives in case you haven't heard it yet. You'll find the track around 18 minutes into the mix. Burial fans: stay tuned for the second half of the mix, which includes some of the man's earlier remixes, before he became a proper blogsleb.

Full tracklisting and Prince classics after the jump.

01 D'Angelo: "She's Always in My Hair" 02 Stina Nordenstam: "Purple Rain" 03 Blue States: "Alphabet Street" 04 Susanna and the Magical Orchestra: "Condition of the Heart" 05 Osunlade: "Crazy You" 06 Hefner: "Controversy" 07 The Dynamics: "Girls & Boys" 08 Broadway Project [ft. Jeb Loy Nichols]: "The Ballad of Dorothy Parker" 09 7 Hurtz with Peaches: "Sexy Dancer" 10 Soulwax: "Starfish & Coffee" 11 Rob Mello: "Critical" 12 LB: "The Future" 13 Kode9 & the Spaceape: "Sine of the Dub

[youtube wPpHMr_SKII nolink] [youtube 37psKso6ybw nolink]


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