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Kanye West - Runaway - The Movie (Full Length)

Kanye West - Runaway - The Movie (Full Length)


Guest: "Your girlfriend is really beautiful."

Kanye: "Thank you."

Guest: "Do you know she's a bird?"

Say what you will about Kanye West, but no other artist has been releasing this much free, high quality art since Weezy's heydays on the mixtape circuit. While I was having a screen-free weekend (Try it sometime. Stuff you do when you're unplugged from other networks may includemeditating on Russell Brand's My Booky Wook 2; taking naps, meditating on Romanticism vs. Protestantism in the works of Franz Kafka, writing down ideas on actual paper, dancing to Nevermind with a 5-year old and... did I mention naps already? ), Mr. West released the 'Runaway' movie on YouTube.

Directed by Kanye West.

Written by Hype Williams.

Art Direction: Vanessa Beecroft

Costume design: Phillip Lim, Martin Izquierdo

Expect a semi-naked phoenix crashing to earth and setting fire to a forest, lots of new music (SPOILER: APHEX TWIN SAMPLE in minute 25!), a marching band trubite to Michael Jackson in a desert, metaphorical interspecies sex, amazing suits, plenty of ballet, even more Christian allegories, and loads of Kanye lyrics to discuss, including "looking like a full booty Celine Dion" or rhyming 'waitin' with 'satan, satan, satan'.

EYECANDY SMÖRGASBORD feat. Brian Eno, The Dead Weather, Ryan McGinley, Deerhunter, Diplo, Daft Punk, Tron and two songs about real love