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A KNOTORYUS 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

A KNOTORYUS 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

There’s no feeling quite like holiday gifting angst. A single innocently gleaming package, nestled betwixt its kind under a lifeless tree, can produce moments of joy and gratitude. Social fuel that sparks a message of thoughtfulness and love. Or it can be the cruel leaden weight that pulls your body mercilessly from “What A Pleasant Get-Together” Boardwalk to the depths of Lake “You Don’t Know Me At All Do You”. As always, I’m prone to hyperbole and it’s the spirit of giving that counts, but we’ve all had enough of awkward December encounters. Here’s a guide full of gifting gems to ease your apprehension!

Bootleg Baubles “BAUBLE” (£8)

Image: Bootleg Baubles

The good people over at Bootleg Baubles say it best, really: “Dreaming of an Off-White Xmas? Caught an L on the Nike drop? Still keep your Xmas hype af with our Limited Edition "BAUBLE"." I mean, sometimes I adore the internet.

Chloe Wise print (€500)

Image: Almine Rech

The Almine Rech giclée print editions are all pretty incred, and this Chloe Wise “Gluten Freedom” edition from 2017 is no exception. It nods to painters like Manet and the use of objects to define the female body. The original is part of the Canadian artist’s “Of false beaches and butter money” exhibition, which ran in the autumn in Paris. Truly the perfect gift for the contempo art devotee in your life.

Wouters & Hendrix silver choker (€300)

Image: Wouters & Hendrix

Over the top yet minimal and slightly sinister. If this description immediately brings someone you love to mind, go for it. The green spinel mineral stone is said to encourage love and compassion, if you need an excuse.

Fenty Beauty ‘Stunna’ Lip Paint ($24)

A 12-hour matte red lip stain designed to flatter all skintones? It could only be Fenty Beauty. This year belongs to Rihanna and she didn’t even release an album, our girl is a bona fide legend. Also, 14 new matte lipsticks will be dropping on December 26 so that's your grandparents' cheque up in flames.

Saint Heron Magic sweatshirt ($70)

Image: Saint Heron

Until the planet Mercury decides it’s no longer messing with our existences (22/12), you’ve got a chance to get a piece of Solange Magic. Remember that one person who texted you every lyric from A Seat At The Table in emphatic, crying face emoji-laden intervals when it first came out? You’re getting them this. 

Y/Project Tudor merino scarf (€598)

Image: Farfetch

“Did you know Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn likely wore yellow outfits to celebrate the death of his former wife, Catherine of Aragon”? is a snazzy titbit you can recite as the overjoyed recipient of this marvellous gift regains consciousness.

Simone Rocha oversized pearl earring (€205)

It’s extra but classically beautiful. It’s the faux-pearl earring to end them all!

Puma x Fenty varsity scarf (€79,95)

You’ll always be the cool aunt/uncle/sibling/parent/vague relative if you bestow an offering of Puma x Fenty to an unsuspecting, cold-necked loved one - bet!

Vicente 2020 cotton cap ($28)

If it’s not you yourself, there’s definitely someone who sends you daily messages of despair ranging from “WHY IS THIS STILL HAPPENING” to “NORTH KOREA DO WHAT YOU MUST” on a good day. This silly cap may soothe their existential dread for a moment.

Diet Prada J’Adoir tee ($32)

For the in-the-know, double tap to the nostril fashion type who never skips a Diet Prada update (unless their fave is caught being problematic because who isn’t at this point). This Dior replica tribute is sure to remain a classic.

Björk Utopia vinyl (€24,50)

No one can touch Björk and her ninth studio album “Utopia” - which reached ‘universal acclaim’ status on Metacritic - is a wonderfully long (71 minutes) journey into the transcendent mind of an exceptional artist. This vinyl is a winner.

ALICE Gallery “ARTY CHRISTMAS GIFT” (€35-€400)

Mon Colonet & Spit (image: ALICE Gallery)

Mon Colonet & Spit (image: ALICE Gallery)

Paul Wackers (image: ALICE Gallery)

Hell'o (image: ALICE Gallery)

A unique selection of original works, prints and books from ALICE Gallery and the artists that have transformed their space recently. You can nab an original Mon Colonel & Spit, their new Paul Wackers book as well as a set of Paul Wackers risograph prints, Hell’o ink on paper creations, a Momo print or impressive Delta poster. Not to be missed!

Now go forth, spread mirth and give a little support to your charity of choice.
You’ve got this, happy holidays!



Skepta - Ghost Ride (ft. A$AP Rocky & A$AP Nast)

Skepta - Ghost Ride (ft. A$AP Rocky & A$AP Nast)