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A KNOTORYUS 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

A KNOTORYUS 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Does the idea of mind-reading what someone you love really likes, processing that information into the purchase of an affordable consumer good and somehow obscuring its existence with chintzy paper seem like living in a hellscape with no exit sign? Fret no longer! We’re back with an inspirational list fit for any budget to get your holiday gifting synapses firing, or at least dull the jingle-induced anguish for a holly jolly moment.

Burberry x Vivienne Westwood slogan tee -

This all-new oversized cotton Burberry tee brandishing a handwritten message by Dame Viv kindly supports the storied designer’s rainforest charity. It will also elicit ear-shredding shrieks of glee when gifted to the right person. If you feel like going whole hog, add in these cute initial charms. Have smelling salts within reach.

"Brown Girl Magic” by Dalilla Hermans - €15,99

If you have a little magical brown or black girl in your life, this 2018 children’s book is a most precious gift. Created by Belgian-based author and opinion leader extraordinaire Dalilla Hermans, with illustrations by Fatinha Ramos, the official synopsis describes it as such: “Growing up as a brown girl in the West comes with its own set of challenges. You rarely get to see yourself reflected in the images presented to you. This book is an attempt to (further) empower those girls. Because let's face it: they are quite magical!” Indeed they are. (Text in Dutch and English)

Diet Prada “Call It Out” socks – $18

By facilitating the long overdue D&G reckoning most people with sense had expected/longed for, fashion watchdog Diet Prada came out on top in 2018. In the words of vintage Nicki: “Just killed another career, it’s a mild day.” Appease that special loved one with a penchant for pointing out when you’re back on your bullshit with this offering of whistleblower’s socks.

Reebok Daytona DMX by Pyer Moss - €199,95

Kerby Jean Raymond of breakout label Pyer Moss is not only a very gifted designer, he’s also the type of person who treats someone to an unexpected personal shout-out by Alber Elbaz (you should follow @kerbito on IG). A real one. This pair from the Pyer Moss Reebok collection, which just won the FNAA Collaboration of the Year Award, will delight any sneaker fiend in your circle.

Beyoncé “Holidayoncé” scarf –

You’re so nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice to be giving the Beyhive Certified Member in your life a piece of Holidayoncé cheer this year. Don’t be surprised if they’re quick to remark that “the only true gift is being alive at the same time as the Queen”. It’s the truth.

Shabazz Palaces knit hat - $20

The good taste jumped out! Every experimental hip hop aficionado would be happy to ignore all family members in the area via Beats by Dre with this pompom knit on their noggin.

Willy Vanderperre VIER ANTWERP beach towel –

For the friend who enjoys a holiday moment but knows a poolside pic is hardly chic when portrayed on any old chlorine-tie-dyed, moth-chomped, decades-old “Baby’s First Towel” specimen. From the limited edition “T-shirts, stickers, pins and more” collection by the legend photographer Willy Vanderperre at VIER Antwerp.

Paloma Elsesser by Jérémie Marié -

This original fashion illustration of gorgeous model Paloma Elsesser, commissioned by Nick Knight for SHOWStudio’s “100 Women” expo, is the pop of colour any art lover’s wall deserves. The proverbial cherry on top? Ten percent of proceeds will be donated to the charity Women for Women International.

Tom Ford underwear – from

Tom Ford is all about adding Sex to shopping carts and his newly-released line of underwear, from briefs to boxers, is no exception. They’re sleek, sensual, come in various skin tones and are miles beyond whatever laundry-day undies the recipient is undoubtedly rocking at the moment.

Nike x AMBUSH bodysuit - €119

Nike x Ambush.jpg

When approached by Nike for their much-anticipated collab, AMBUSH & Christian Dior’s Yoon Ahn asked herself first what working women and consumers would want from this collection. And she got to work creating pieces for “creative athletes” on the go. All the brownie points for you if you tie this snatched bodysuit up in a ribbon-topped package.

AM Clean Sound Record Cleaner -

We all know and love a crate digger. Give them a stocking filler they can actually use in the shape of an AM Clean Sound record cleaning set. Then tell them it improves “tonal balance, dynamic range and bass response”. If they look up long enough from reading a new article on the Haruki Murakami Library Institute, they will hear that and nod thankfully.

Gucci “Star Eye” candle -

My third eye is wide open and it sees that this striking porcelain candle will go down well with any recipient who is equal parts occult and fashion. Must be handed over with the following caveat: “If you don’t trim the wick and let the rim get sooty, I will excommunicate you.” It’s a 300-euro candle, FYM!

Blood Orange “Negro Swan” Deluxe vinyl - €27,99`

As a popular streaming service just informed me, I’ve listened to “Negro Swan” for a total of 15 hours this year, making Blood Orange my top artist of 2018. It’s such a quality record, this golden deluxe LP vinyl is the gift we all deserve. Don’t think twice!

Aries gift tape & sticker pack – £15 / £10 

This is not as much a gift as it is a packaging tip. Sofia Prantera’s Aries label tape in mint and gold will liven up even the most botched giftwrapping job. Gift the sticker pack to your kid/cousin/sibling with a teenage proclivity for personalizing everything that’s not breathing.

David Uzochukwu “Manifest” – from €620 

Image-maker David Uzochukwu, who recently captivated the audience speaking at Us By Night 2018, is moving from strength to strength within his craft. If you have a photography connoisseur on your holiday list, this beguiling print will be sure to fascinate and spark a conversation. Get it now rather than at a pricey auction in the future.

Telfar small white ‘Shopping’ bag - $100

This 100% vegan leather bag by New York phenom label Telfar is the accessory of the season. Snap it up for that special someone and never look back. Get one for yourself too, naturally.

PS: If all else fails, ask people exactly what they want. It do be that simple sometimes!

Header image: Beyoncé

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