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Five Mixes For Friday

Five Mixes For Friday

Looking for a longer listen? We got five on it.

Kanye West – The Life of Pablo – chopped, not screwed

DJ Candlestick is a good DJ name. And ‘The Chops of Pablo’ is a good mix.

TLOP gets the dripping wax make-over: heated up, slowed down, with perfectly timed chops trickling from the top.

Tobacco – Summer Mix for Self-Titled Magazine

Time to stretch out your inner weirdo with Tobacco‘s near-perfect summer blend of melancholia. Sounds like: Spongebob staring out from the window of his pineapple house, wondering what’s the point of it all.


00:00 street lo-fighter “c_06”
01:11 Timecop1983 “Indigo Tears”
06:00 Hidden Rivers “September Sun Memory”
10:28 Turquoise Summers “Girl You’re the One”
12:39 Canyon Country “Windy”
15:03 Sun Araw “Horse Steppin’”
20:12 Horizon Fire “Poisonous Ground”
26:28 Boom Bip “Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada Remix)
30:42 Bud Tutmarc “When They Ring Golden Bells”
34:16 Syd Dale Orchestra “Green Serene (Instrumental)
37:12 High Tides “Coastal Cruise ’86”
41:42 TOBACCO “Lawn Care Services”
42:00 Bruton Music “Saturn Rings”
45:52 Zaid Maxwell “aries in retrograde”
48:07 Boreal Network “The Demand Factor”
49:21 Am-Boy “64 Colors”
51:41 Pincer Attack “Dinosaurs are Coming”
53:25 Tomita “Clair de lune”

Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Live at the Moth Club Pt. 1 & 2

Erol Alkan and Richard Norris deliver a solid two-hour set of psych outs, classic riffs, fuzz tones, soul  and more. Top quality all the way.

Check out their excellent -recently released- debut album ‘The Soft Bounce‘.

BLACKEST EVER BLACK Berlin Community Radio

The joy of listening to literally hours of good music that will never be on any traditional radio station ever.

Sounds like: things the troubled hot girl with the poke tattoos at that new coffee place listens to.

Jazz Destroyers – Love Meant To Die (Terminal, 1982 | Oretun, 2015)
Oh-OK – Brother (DB Recs, 1982)
Kate Fagan – I Don’t Wanna Be Too Cool (Disturbing, 1980 | Manufactured, 2016)
Model Citizens – Shift The Blame (Spy, 1979)
The World – Managerial Material (Upset The Rhythm, 2016)
Neonbabies – Krö-nung (Good Noise, 1981)
Rizzo – I Don’t Care (No Fun, 1980 | Emotional Response, 2015)
Greenfield Leisure – L’Orange (Strange Orchestra, 1981)
Carla dal Forno – What You Gonna Do Now? (forthcoming Blackest Ever Black)
Y13 – I Don’t Want To Be (Exart, 1984)
Copeland & Gast – Sisters of Control (All Bone, 2016)
Felix K & BassDee – B2 (Hidden Hawaii, 2016)
Ekman – Ouroboros (Shipwrec, 2014)
Naaahhh – Blooz (forthcoming Blackest Ever Black)
Lanark Artefax – Glasz (UIQ, 2016)
The Rootsman Meets Celtarabia – Valley of Dub (Partial, 2014)
Mouth – Acab (Part 2) (Emotional Rescue, 2016)
Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation – Way Back Home (New Dimension, 1972)
Batsumi – Itume Leng (1974 | Matsuili Music, 2011)
Boco – Running The Mardi Gras (Big Crown, 2016)
Black Merlin – Wave (Island of the Gods, 2016)
Sand – Robins Wurl / Bol (Satellite, 1998)
Telford Nelson – Rough Road (Soney Fudgie, 1990)
Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards – I Beat As I Sleep As I Dream (forthcoming Blackest Ever Black)
Ultra Vivid Scene – Mercy Seat (4AD, 1988)
Armed Force – Popstar (AFI, 1979)
UV Race – Love Meant To Die (Eighteen, 2014)
The Doozer – Flying Bird (Golden Lab, 2016)
Dolly Mixture – The Same Mistake (1984 | Excellent, 2010)
X-Teens – Tonight Tonight (Dolphin Records, 1983)
The Astronauts – Midsummer Lullaby (Bugle/Genius, 1981)

Stranger Things Mixtape by DJ Yoda

While ‘Stranger Things’ is doing victory laps around the Internet and everybody’s waiting for the official soundtrack to drop: check this themed mix by Master of the UniverseEighties DJ Yoda.

Bonus: Stranger Things Special on Radar Radio

Radar Radio goes beyond the easy 80’s wins and mixes up a batch of current tracks that would fit the series nicely.

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