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5 Current #Mood Mixes

5 Current #Mood Mixes

5 mixes to switch off the madness outside and switch on the light inside.



The Orb: Ambient Mix NE200

(Exclusive Mix for Self-Titled Mag)

The masters of the soothing universe are back with a high-quality muscle-relaxer of a mix that turns your headphones into a mobile floating tank: waves are crashing, water is dripping, trains ar going by in the distance, a helicopter flies over, somewhere birds are tweeting. Calm. Down.

Halim El-Dabh – Wire Recorder Piece
This Mortal Coil – Thais
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Dawn
apollo 14 lunar orbit
Ennio Morricone – Voce Seconda (Haruomi Hosono Remix)
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Black Shadow
Bob Marley & Artie Glen – Selassie is the Chapel
Marsen Jules – Coeur Saignant
apollo 14 tv trans
Pink Floyd – The Narrow Way Pt1
Art of Noise – Crusoe
water dripping
The Orb – Alpine Evening (Prince Thomas Yoga Mix)
The Future – Ambient States
The Orb – 4am Exhale
This Mortal Coil – Morning Glory
Clytus Gottwold – Lux Aeterna
Brian Eno – An Ending
The KLF – Alone Again With the Dawn Coming Up

Peter Michael Hamel – Colours of Time (Deepchord’s Carolina Forest Mix)
Sun Electric – Bellows *
Daniel Lanois – Time On
Prins Thomas – H (Orbient Mix)
DJ Koze – Bodenweich
The Orb – 5th Dimensions
Jeff Mills – Phoenix
The Orb x Jean-Michel Jarre – A Frenzy Moonlight With Bob & Clara *
Ryuichi Sakamoto + Alva Noto – The Revenant Main Theme
Serengeti – Maestrale (President Bongo)

* previously unreleased



Raketkanon: Mixtape 009

(for “Uur Obscuur”)

Punkrock funboys RKTKN (currently recording with Steve Albini) mix up the perfect blend of all-out aggression, low key contempt and great taste in music.

1. Whistle In – The Beach Boys
2. Com Truise – Open
3. Blurt – Track 04
4. Mykki Blanco – The Initiation
5. Converge – Shame In The Way
6. Monks – Shut Up
7. Portishead – Machine Gun
8. Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
9. The Haxan Cloak – Excavation Part II
10. Kraftwerk – Robots
11. Duet – Gonjasufi
12. Mark Lanegan – Hit The City
13. Radiohead – Bloom
14. An Ocean Of Wisdom
15. Birthday Party – Nick The Stripper
16. Tortoise – Charteroak Foundation
17. Johnny Dowd – First There Was



Black Sheep 25th Anniversary Sample Mix

Some people just won’t be happy until this globe of ours starts spinning backwards, it seems. Yeah, you try that. Butt in the meantime … We turn it up a decibel.

1. Black Sheep – ‘Gimme the Finga’ (Instrumental)
2. Chris Read – Theme #3 (Scratchapella)
3. Paul Butterfield – ‘I Don’t Wanna Go’ (sampled in ‘Butt… In the Meantime’)
4. Black Sheep – ‘Butt… In the Meantime’
5. Black Sheep – ‘Butt… In the Meantime (Nostrans Ave Rastafarian Mix)’
6. Boogie Down Productions – ‘The Bridge Is Over’ (sampled in ‘Butt… In the Meantime’)
7. Mouth & McNeal – ‘A.B.C’ (sampled in ‘La Menage’)
8. The Guess Who – ‘Three More Days’ (sampled in ‘La Menage’)
9. Black Sheep feat Q Tip – ‘La Menage’
10. Doug E Fresh feat Slick Rick – ‘La Di Da Di’ [Extract] (sampled in ‘La Menage’)
11. Jimmy Mc Griff – ‘Blue Juice’ (sampled in ‘Pass The 40’)
12. Black Sheep feat Chi Ali, Moc-Fu, Chris Lighty & Dave Gossett – ‘Pass the 40’
13. Isaac Hayes – ‘Joy’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Pass the 40’)
14. Jefferson Airplane – ‘Today’ (sampled in ‘Similak Child’)
15. Three Dog Night – ‘I Can Hear You Calling’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Similak Child’)
16. Black Sheep – ‘Similak Child’
17. Ramsey Lewis – ‘Les Fleur’ (sampled in ‘Similak Child’)
18. Michel Colombier – ‘Porquoi Pas?’ (sampled in ‘Have U.N.E Pull?’)
19. Black Sheep – ‘Have U.N.E Pull’
20. Black Sheep – ‘Have U.N.E Pull (Remix)’
21. The Shades of Brown – ‘The Soil I Tilled For You’ [Loop] (sampled in Have U.N.E Pull’)
22. Fuzzy Haskins – ‘Love’s Now Is Forever’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘To Whom It May Concern’)
23. Gary Bartz – ‘Celestial Blues’ (sampled in ‘To Whom It May Concern’)
24. Doug E Fresh feat Slick Rick – ‘La Di Da Di’ [Extract] (sampled in ‘To Whom It May Concern’)
25. Black Sheep – ‘To Whom It May Concern’
26. Bubble Gum Machine – ‘I Wonder’ (sampled in ‘Flavor of the Month’)
27. Black Sheep – ‘Flavor of the Month’
28. Brother Jack McDuff – ‘Hunk O’ Funk’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Hoes We Knows’)
29. Black Sheep – ‘Hoes We Knows’
30. Sweet Linda Divine – ‘I’ll Say It Again’ (sampled in ‘The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)’)
31. McCoy Tyner – ‘Impressions’ (sampled in ‘The Choice is Yours (Revisited)’)
32. Black Sheep – ‘The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)’
33. Black Sheep – ‘The Choice Is Yours’
34. The New Birth – ‘Keep on Doin’ It’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘The Choice Is Yours (Revisited)’)
35. Iron Butterfly – ‘Her Favorite Style’ (sampled in ‘The Choice is Yours’)
36. Rare Earth – ‘(I Know) I’m Losing You’ (sampled in ‘Try Counting Sheep’)
37. Black Sheep – ‘Try Counting Sheep’
38. The Honey Drippers – ‘Impeach the President’ (sampled in ‘Try Counting Sheep (Caveman Funky Organ Remix)’)
39. Black Sheep – ‘Try Counting Sheep (Caveman Funky Organ Remix)’
40. The Johnny Almond Music Machine – ‘Solar Level’ (sampled in ‘Try Counting Sheep (Caveman Funky Organ Remix)’)
41. Millie Jackson – ‘Phuck U Symphony’ (samped in ‘For Doz That Slept’)
42. Young & Company – ‘I Like (What You’re Doing to Me)’ (sampled in ‘Strobelite Honey’)
43. Kurtis Blow – ‘Do The Do’ [Loop] (sampled in ‘Strobelite Honey’)
44. The S.O.S Band – ‘Take Your Time (Do It Right’)’ (sampled in ‘Strobelite Honey’)
45. Black Sheep – ‘Strobelite Honey’
46. Ramsey Lewis – ‘The Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)’ [Loop] (sampled in Strobelite Honey ‘(No We Didn’t Mix)’)
47. Black Sheep – ‘Strobelite Honey (No We Didn’t Mix)’
48. Black Sheep – ‘U Mean I’m Not’ [Extract]

4. #mood #HOLDME

Sasha Marie – Wine, Sleepy Eyes and Turbulence

Separateness is just an illusion, so hold tight.

5. #mood #GLOWEDUP

Kaytranada – 0.001%  Mixtape

Need a pick-me-up today? Keep strutting and wobble your cranium in time to Kaytranada’s excellent collection of “beats, loops, remixes and sounds made during the process of 99.9%”.

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