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Join KNOTORYUS at Wecandance 14

Join KNOTORYUS at Wecandance 14

I assume that most of the KNOTORYUS audience is also familiar with No Balls No Glory, A Polaroid Story : the excellent blog founded by Ouni on which she documents her crazy journeys for a polaroid of Hip Hop and Pop Culture's greatest. What you might not know is that Ouni is also somewhat of an instigator and accelerator. Hence the different hats she's wearing for what is arguably Belgian's coolest electronic festival (set at the beach) WECANDANCE.

This year, not only is she spreading the news about the upcoming festivities on August 9 and 10, as the festival's PR go-to, she's also curating a stage on Sunday with other KNOTORYUS faves A CUT ABOVE.

Reason enough to hop on Facebook and get a hilarious chat going of which a lot of its content I couldn't print here because girlfriend is very careful on what she puts out there (I can relate). But she was kind enough to hook you up with some clothing tips, give us the song you should not play would you wish to get your dance on with Vic Crezée and tell us why she always got some Lefto on hand.

KNOTORYUS : Tell us a bit more about what inspired the Club 69 presents : A POLAROID STORY x A CUT ABOVE?

OUNI : The club 69 stage will host two partners spread out over two days. On Saturday, you can check out who Survivor (Ghent) and Bloody Louis (Brussels) booked and on Sunday you can come get turnt out with the A POLAROID STORY x A CUT ABOVE line-up.

KNOTORYUS : Was it easy to fill out your own line-up?

OUNI : Not at all! This is a brand new festival - 2nd edition- so there are a lot of monetairy restraints. So it was a matter of budget, a wishlist and then stone cold killing your darlings and ending up with a line-up in which everybody could find their core.

KNOTORYUS : What's A Polaroid Story's core?

OUNI : Hiphop, R&B, rhythm, bass, some twerkin', #turntup. Lol.

KNOTORYUS : Is there an artist playing that you’ve never seen live before and that you definitely want to check out?

OUNI : NGUZUNGUZU, I am really happy that they are playing our stage.

https://soundcloud.com/dismagazine/nguzunguzu-perfect-lullaby-vol KNOTORYUS  : A little while ago you told me „people don’t even realize what the WECANDANCE team is trying to pull off”. Okay, Souljagirltellem.

OUNI : It's a crazy project, with a super good artistic team that is trying to create a different type of festival and atmosphere. WECANDANCE is small enough to become big, but it will never become mainstream.  It is a festival by the beach, so weather is tricky. It's a themed festival, so you don't have to be all dressed up, but everybody makes an effort. It totally works without being over the top, by the way. WECANDANCE has an eye for detail which shines through in the wide range of healthy food that's available. Plus, there is a huge sustainable factor that they don't lose sight off : we need to keep our beaches clean!

So those are a lot of things to think when you are barely two years old. Organizing festivals doesn't come cheap. But I love that WECANDANCE is still so cute and relatively small. The team behind it travelled the world to check out the festivals they loved the most and decided to take some of those things and create something likewise but different here in Belgium.

KNOTORYUS : Seeing that there is some emphasis on "making a minimal effort" when it comes to dressing for the occasion, and the theme is : Ancient Egypt meets The Memphis Group, tell me : Whatchu be wearing, girl?

OUNI : I'll have to work and bling wise I'm always set up for this year's particular dresscode. Greek gold cufbracelets, massive hoops,... Gold gold gold is my thing, you know that!

(Editor's note : Thom Browne (A/W 14) will hook you up though)

OUNI : And hoodies work with this theme. Dramatic hoodies. When it's windy or rainy, think Berber style.The visitor can also expect a mix of deco-elements and instalations inspired by the Memphis Group and under the artistic supervision of Benjamin Oost & Laura Praet.  We hope that the experience of WECANDANCE can create a lasting memory. Should people need wardrobe inspiration, they can always go to the WECANDANCE pinterest boards.

(KNOTORYUS TIPS / 1 : Please be perfect and come dressed up as Grace Jones in the above Jean-Paul Goude image. 2 : Hoodies + Memphis group + berbers. This oughta kinda do it.)

KNOTORYUS : The wondrous apparition that is Vic Crezée (sup, Ace!) is also playing your stage. Tell the readers something about him theyontevenknow.

OUNI : Vic Crezée will get off the dance floor and leave a party if you play Arrested Development's "People Everyday".

KNOTORYUS : Our great neighbour LEFTO is also gracing your stage.

OUNI : You want to know something funny about LEFTO and I?

KNOTORYUS : Please share!

OUNI : My compact make-up mirror needed some decorating, so I stuck a sticker of LEFTO's head on it.

KNOTORYUS : So you whip out LEFTO on the daily. What are you thinking everytime you see him?

OUNI : "Aaaah de Lefto sie"

(above image by Ouni : Vic & Lefto stickers)

So there you have it. Please join KNOTORYUS at WECANDANCE on August 9 and 10, 2014 and when you do use the hashtag #WCD14

Addresss : WECANDANCE Zeedijk Zeebrugge Belgium

Tickets & Info : HERE

Twitter & instagram : @wecandancefest

Last thing : So A$AP Ferg, Vic Mensa and Wiz Khalifa sat together and discussed Ouni's level of dopeness.

In the words of Rihanna :"What YO bucket list lookin' like, bruh?"

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